Moorman Reports

If you have a MOORMAN in your lineage, Mary Stewart wants to talk with you.

Recent additions:

"Anthony and Margaret (?Douglas) Haden of Goochland County, Virginia:  Part I--Tradition vs Facts" by Kay Haden; updated January 2013.  As the title indicates, a good discussion of what parts of the traditional account is supported by documentation.

"Anthony and Margaret (?Douglas) Haden of Goochland County, Virginia:  Part II--Their Children" by Kay Haden; updated January 2013.  Discusses the documentation, pro and con, for all purported children, clearly ruling out several who belong to other Haden lines.

"William Haden of Goochland County, Virginia and Logan County, Kentucky:  Who Were His Wives?" by Kay Haden, updated January 2013.  Two wives are proven: Ann "Nancy" Johnson and Sarah Johnston.  Mary LeMert, as a wife of this William Haden, is disproven.  His purported marriage to Judith or Jane Moorman remains elusive.

Andrew1689 Andrew MOORMAN (1689 VA - 1756 NC) by Doug Tucker APR 1999. An update on this younger brother of Charles (1683-1757).

Achilles Part one of an in-depth study on him. Provides proof he is the son of Charles "M" Moorman and his wife is Elizabeth, daughter of Robert Adams. Discusses Louisa county and various parish records on him; provides proof the Achilles Moorman of Louisa is the same person as Achilles Moorman "of Fredericksville Parish, Albemarle Co." in 1772.

Andrew "Andrew MOORMAN d. 1791 and Judith CLARK" NOV 1996. Examination of various records; provides proof for children and discusses possible spouses. For a transcription of his probate records, see andmrwll.txt. For transcription of will James Clark (mentions Andrew's minor children) see: jasclrk.txt.

Andrewmo Notes on Andrew MOORMAN baptized 1689 St. Peter's Parish, New Kent Co. VA compiled by Patti Smith Lamb June 1997. Traces his move from VA to NC and follows some of his descendants in Anson Co. NC records.

AndrRebutp2 Continuing discussion of the original report on Andrew Moorman (1689-1756) and RebutAndrew APR 1999.

Achlswll My transcription of the Campbell Co. VA will and inventory of Achilles Moorman (1713-1785).

AchlspII Part II of Achilles MOORMAN and Elizabeth ADAMS, AUG 1997. This report begins with their move to the area of Bedford Co. VA which became Campbell Co. This report includes a discussion of their proven children, those for which a prepondernace of evidence case can be built, and those more "doubtful" children mentioned in various genealogies.

Ansnmrmn "The MOORMAN's of Anson Co. NC" by Doug Tucker. More on line of Andrew MOORMAN Sr. (1689-c1756). This first of three parts discusses Andrew r., Jr. Benjamin, Charles and John MOORMAN.

Ansnmrp2 Continuation of ANSNMRMN.txt covers Thomas MOORMAN (c1715-1782), Andrew of GA, Sarah m. David Dumas, Zachariah, Archelaus and possible their daughters. Includes Appendix A: Family Units First Two Generations.

Ansnsrcs Third and last part of Doug's report on the NC MOORMANs. Includes Appendix B: Recap of Land Information on the MOORMANs of Anson Co. NC in VA, NC and GA. It concludes with wills, estates and inventories.

Brbacklrk Includes a pertinent discussion of the Quaker colony at Somerton, Nansemond Co. VA.

Chas/Eliz Charles MOORMAN (c1683-1757) and Elizabeth REYNOLDS by LSS MAR 1999. An indepth report based only on primary and good secondary sources, deliberately omitting references to traditional accounts. Individual reports on each of their children are planned.

Chawill Transcription of Louisa Co. VA will Charles "M" Moorman dated 9 MAY 1755 by David Kaiser.

ChrlofGA "Charles Moorman (1767-1830) of Georgia" by Doug Tucker OCT 1998. An attempt to identify the family of this Charles, so of Benjamin and Lucy (Haley) Moorman.

Chldrchg "Possible Calendar Changes Re: Zachariah MOORMAN and Mary CANDLER" JUN 1996. Includes "Thomas MOORMAN of West Cowes, Isle of Wight circa 1630".

Dougmisc "Where to Look for Bloodline Connections Between our CLARKS and George Rogers CLARK" by Douglas Tucker SEP 1996. Discusses possible identities of Lucy Clark Moorman who sent a letter to her "cousin" Thomas Moorman in 1786. "Parents of Elizabeth Clark Anthony" corrects often published mistakes. "Andrew MOORMAN of St. Mathew's Parish GA". Discusses three possible Andews with reasons why they fit or don't fit this person. End with MOORMAN / DIGGE / HALEY queries sent by other researchers. Finally Patricia Stanley identifies the Christopher CLARK who lived across the Broad River from Gen. Elijah Clark.

Grocer "Thomas MOORMAN, Grocer of Warwickshire" SEP 1996. He arrived in 1619 on the Bona Nova. Discusses VA Company records; gives more information on George KEITH at the end.

GrocptII "The Grocer: Part II" OCT 1996. Comments from others to above report. It includes definition of the occupation "grocer" and probable duties. Also discusses "why" people left England in this timeframe. Gives more history of the VA Company and contrasts occupations of Bona Nova passengers.

Mrmhdgpg "Hodge-Podge of MOORMAN and CANDLER" MAY 1996 First discussion of "the grocer"; covers George Fox's diary and what he really said about the Quaker couple he stayed with at Somerton.

Perdue "Commentary on the Letter of Gershom Perdue dated Feb. 14, 1878" by Kelsey J. Williams, Oct 2000. He quotes from a transcription of the original letter and documents many of the family relationships he mention.

PerCom This begins as a Hodge-podge of comments from members of the group on the Gershom Perdue letter, but expands into comments on the Candlers, Lord Shaftsbudy, royal lineage, and more.

RebutAndrew Discussion about the finer points of disagreement to the 1689 Andrew report. APR 1999.

RebutChas/Eliz Discussion between researchers about areas of disagreement to the Charles/Elizabeth report. APR 1999

Thsmorma "Thomas MOORMAN of New Kent Co. and Elizabeth ???" MAR 1996. This introduces the Thomas who signed the 1677 grievance list with a discussion of available primary records.

Lucy Clark's ThomMoormanLetter Ed Marsh looks again at a letter written by Lucy Clark Moorman.

WmHaden "William Haden of Goochland Co. VA and Logan Co. KY" by Kay Haden MAY 2000. His marriages to Ann "Nancy" Johnson and Mrs. Sally Johnston (Johnson) are documented; a possible first marriage to Jane or Judith Moorman is discussed.

Zachist "Zachariah MOORMAN and Mary CANDLER: History Helps with Key Dates!" by Douglas Tucker JUL 1997. Doug relates the early part of the "Moorman legend" to historical fact. This proves the widow Ann VILLIERs was the second wife of William CANDLER and can't be the mother of Mary (Candler) Moorman.

ZMrmnNC "Zachariah Moorman of NC & SC" by Lorraine Hall Keith DEC 2000 raises questions about MATHEWS as the surname of this Zachariah's wife.