Wilkerson Reports

Timeline for John C. Wilkerson  from his birth in 1819 in Tennessee and extending through the deaths of most of his children. We are fortunate he used his middle name on all records. His brother James H. Wilkerson died August 1853 in Smith County, Texas. John C. is last found in Fort Worth in 1880.

Transcription  of Warren County, TN Deed Book K, pages 278-9, Wilkersons to Nunley, provides a 'marriage by this date" for Editha Nunley and John C. Wilkerson, as well as proof her father was Archelaus Nunley. It doesn't, however, state the relationship between Editha and William Nunley.

Transcription  of Warren County, TN Deed Book P, pages 522-3, James H. Wilkerson and Sarah C. to Nunley proves Sarah C. is another daughter of Archelaus Nunley. This deed and and the Smith Co., Texas probate for James H. thus proves two Wilkerson brothers married Nunley sisters.
Transcription  of Warren County, TN Deed Book R, pages 514-6 whereby William W. Nunnely sold the five tracts that were originally owned by Archelaus Nunley. This researcher has not found documentation proving William W. as a son/brother in this family, butg everything points to that conclusion.
Transcription  of the remaining four grantor deeds for Wm. W. Nunnelly in Warren County, TN. Deed Book P, pages 281-2. Trust Deed to Asa Faulkner; Deed Book S pages 431-2 Trust Deed to Landy B.Waters; Deed Book S pages 435-6 W. W. Nunnely, Trustee of James Yeargain to Samuel L. Colville; Book S pages 477-8 deed to Wm. Reeder.