Warren County, Tennessee Deed Book P, pages 522 and 523 is true to the original as transcribed by Linda Sparks Starr July 2008.

 This indenture made and entered into on this the 3d day of Febrary 1848 by and betwen James Wilkerson and Sarah C Wilkerson his wife formaly Sarah C Nunley of the first part and William W. Nunley 2d part witnesseth that for and in consideration of the sum of one hundred Dollars in hand paid by said William W. Nunley to the partys of second part the receipt of which is hereby acknowledge the said James Wilkerson and Sarah C his wife have and by these presents do bargain and sell & convey unto the said William W. Nunley their undivided interest and to five tracts of land lying and being in Warrin County the first tract Containing ten acres granted to Archibald Nunley by Grant No 6381 by the



State of Tennessee the Second tract containing 5 [struck-through] ten acres granted by the State Archaleaus Nunnaly by grant No. 18905 The third containing 100 acres granted to the Said Archaleaus Nunly by grant no 2488 The fourth granted to Said A Nunley by grant No 2487 Containing 100 acres The fifth Containing 50 acres Deeded by Johnson Carter to Said Archalious Nunly all of said tracts on the waters of Dry Creek which undivided interest have conveid Came to the Said Sarah C Nunley by inheritance from her Father To have and to hold to the said William Nunley and his heirs and assigns forever. And we the Said James Wilkinson and Sarah C Wilkinson do covenant for ourselves our heirs and representatives to warrent and defend the land title to our undivided interest in said Land against any claim to bee made by us or any person Claiming through or under us but no farther. In testimony of which we have hereto Set our hands and Seals this the day and date above written.

J H Wilkerson Seal

Sarah C Wilkerson Seal



State of Tennessee }

Warren County } Personally appeared before me Richmond McGregor Clerk of the County Court of Said County James Wilkinson and Sarah C Wilkinson wife of Said James H Wilkinson who acknowledges that they executed the foregoing deed on the it bears date for the purposes There in contained and the said Sarah C Wilkinson being examined privately and a part from her said husband acknowledged that she executed the same free and voluntarily for the purposes therein contained.

Witness my hand Ct Office in McMinville this 4 Febuary 1848

R. McGregor Clk

Reg. 6th March 1848


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