Warren County, Tennessee Deed Book R, pages 514 - 516 is true to the original as transcribed by Linda Sparks Starr July 2008.


This Indenture made and entered into in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and fifty three between William Nunley of the County of Warren and State of Tennessee of the one part and John Marshall of the same County and State aforsaid of the other part. Witnesseth that the Said for and in Consideration of the Sum of five hundred Dollars to me in hands paid by the aforsaid John Marshall the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged by me the Said William Nunley that I have this day bargained and Sold and by these presents doth bargain and sell a certain tract or parcel of Land Situate in he County of Warren aforesaid on the waters of Collins River estimated at three hundred


and ten acres, including four grants from the State of Tennessee one of one hundred acres No 2488 and bounded as follows beginning at a Post Oak corner of Archable Nunleys fifty acre Survey running north ten poles to a Red Oak on Sarah Smith line thence west with her line 36 poles to a post Pak, her corner thence North with her line forty Six poles to a Hickory, her north west corner on the south boundary line of her one hundred acre survey thence west with said line Sixty eight poles to a Hickory Smith south west corner, thence North Six poles to a poplar, on Enoch Cooksey South boundary line thence west with said lines twelve poles to a Dog wood on Carters East boundary line thence South with Said line one hundred and fifty five poles to a Stake thence East one hundred and Sixteen poles to a stake Thence North ninty three poles to the Beginning. Grant No 2487 for one hundred acres Begining on a post Oak the South west Corner of Archable Nunleys fifty acre Survey, running South fifty two poles to John Leas, North East corner thence with his line and passing his corner, at one hundred and twelve poles to a Hickory thence East one hundred and Sixteen poles to a post Oak on Said Nunleys west boundary line of his fifty acre tract thence South with his line fifty Seven poles to his South west corner, thence East with his line to the Beginning. Grant No. 6381 Beging at a post Oak on Clema Sulivans North Boundary Line running thence west Sixty four poles to a Black Jack thence North one hundred and twenty Six poles to a post Oak thence East forty poles to a Hickory on Said Nunleys west boundary line Thence South with Said line Sixty Six poles to a post Oak his corner, Thence East with his line fifty four poles to a post Oak Thence South sixty poles to a Stake. Thence west thirty poles to the Beginning. Grant No 18905 Beginning on a Hickory on the west side of Collins river about thirty poles South from Nathan Smith's line and about a quarter of a mile from Richard Cantrells North west Corner. Thence East fifty poles to a Stake thence South thirty two poles to a Stake thence west fifty poles to a Hickory thence North thirty two poles to the Beginning. one other tract of fifty acres Deeded from Johnson Carter to Archable Nunley Begining on a Black Oak marked as a corner running north forty three poles to a Black Oak thence East twenty poles to a white Oak Thence North twenty seven poles to a white Oak thence East Seventy One poles to a Dog wood thence South one hundred and twenty four poles to a Hickory thence west forty two poles to a white Oak thence North forty two poles to a Stake thence west forty four poles to the Beginning with all and singular


belonging to the several tracts and The Said Wm W. Nunley will for himself his heirs and administrators and assigns forever defend and warrant the title of the aforesaid Several tracts of Lands free from the Claim or claims of any person or persons whatsoever and John Marshall his heirs and assigns. In Testimony whereof I have hereto Set my hand and seal this 11th day of January 1853.

W. W. Nunley Seal

Test C. M. Forrest

Wm B. Johnston


State of Tennessee }

Warren County } Personally appeared before me Richmond McGregor Clerk of the County Court of said County C. M. Forrest and Wm B. Johnston the subscribing witnesses to the within Deed of Conveyance who being duly sworn depose and says, that they are personally acquainted with Wm W Nunley the within Bargainer that they heard him acknowledge that he executed the foregoing Deed of Conveyance on the day it bears date for the purposes therein contained.

Given under my hands at office in McMinnville this 4th of April 1853

Registered the 28th April 1853 R McGregor Clerk



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