Jordan and allied Dent line

NEW July 2009:  Proof that Winifred Jordan was alive in July 1791.

NEW Jan. 2010:  Proof that Mary Ann Jordan was the sister of William Hudon, late Lieutenant of the Virginia Line. Mary Ann was the wife of
                    Absalom Jordan who died in 1826.
Transcription of 1791 Chancery suit, Benjamin Jordan vs Absalom Jordan, heir at law Jonas Jordan decd, for title to 200 acres of land in Bedford Co.

Transcription of 1792 Chancery suit, Jonas Jordan vs Absalom Jordan, heir at law Jonas Jordan decd, for his share of Sr's estate.

Transcriptions of Jonas Jordan deeds:  Bedford Co. Deed Bk E-5, page 232: Joseph Calland of Cumberland Co. VA to Jonas Jordan of Bedford
                    Co. 25 April 1775;  Bedford Co. Deed Bk E-5, pages 439-440:  Jonas Jordan Sr. to George Major 24 August 1776;  and Bedford Co.
                    Deed Bk J-10, pages 198-199: Jonas Jordan Sr. to Abraham Huddleston, 23 October 1784.

Abslmnj Transcriptions of several Bedford County VA deeds and probate records for Absalom JORDAN (1740s-1826). One identifies him as the heir-at-law of Jonas JORDAN (d.1785 in Bedford Co. VA). This Absalom is father of Sashwell Jordan who moved to Breckinridge Co. KY.

Amljonas Transcription of Amelia County VA Deed Book 10, page 7, Jonas and Winifred JORDAN to Edmund Booher, 9 JUN 1768.

BreckDeed Transcription of a March 1803 Breckinridge Co. KY deed conveying a town lot within Hardinsburg from Nicholas and Mary Rice to William Kelso.

ClycmbDeeds Transcription of three Breckinridge Co. KY deeds. The first two are grantor deeds dated 1800 from Balser and Catherine Claycomb; the third, dated 1848, although not stated as such is a list of descendants of Conrad Claycomb and Nancy (Ahl).

DeedsEtc Transcription of two deeds from the heirs of Nicholas and Mary Rice, the first to his son Jacob and the second to his grandson Nicholas Coonts, followed by the transcription of the inventory of Nicholas' estate and then his estate sale. Additionally, there is a record, dated 1818, relating to a lawsuit between Nicholas Rice heirs and Charles Hickman. Within the lawsuit, Charles is called 'deceased ancestor'..

JohnDent Transcription of the Bedford Co. VA inventory record of John Dent dated 28 DEC 1820. He was born in Charles Co. MD 1740s.

SashWell Transcriptions of various Bedford Co. VA and Breckinridge Co. KY court records for this son of Absalom (1740s-1826) who married Nancy Allen DENT, daughter of John.