Candler Reports

More information is available at Ed Marsh's CANDLER Page.

Candler "CANDLER NOTES from Files of LSS" JUL 1996. Transcription of 1984 letter from resident of County Kilkenny, Ireland. Also information on two sons of William and Anne.

Candler2 APR 1999 by Ed Marsh continues his indepth research on the VA origins of the South River family of Daniel and Hannah.

Candlgnd "The American Candler Legend" by Ed Marsh, APR 1999. Ed compares the traditional account against known facts.

Clndrchg "Possible Calendar Changes re: Zacharish MOORMAN and Mary CANDLER" JAN 1996. Includes CANDLER traditions and information on Cromwell's Army in Ireland. At end is: "Thomas Moorman of West Cowes, Isle of Wight, circa 1630."

Cndlrvst "The CANDLER Family of Ireland: Revisiting the Irish Record" AUG 1996. Documentation for parts of CANDLER family tradition as pertains to family who remained in Ireland. Discussion of Capt. VILLIERS as first husband of Anne (Candler) Moorman.

Dougcand Found near end of file: "The CANDLER Family in Ireland and America" APR 1996. Begins in the 16th century and includes VA, NC and GA families.

Erlycndlrs "Early Candlers of Virginia" by Ed Marsh APR 1999. Follow-up on Daniel and Hannah; discussion of their Virginia neighbors as well as Candler families in Maryland.

Irshcndr More information on the Irish CANDLER families from letter sent OCT 1996 from Douglas Tucker to a CANDLER descendant. This is part one of an in-depth look into the military career of William Candler and his two Irish estates. Also in-depth study of the VILLIARs family and its royal connections.

Irhcndl2 Part two of the Irish CANDLER family. This maily follows the children of William Candler and Ann ( ) Villiers, widow of John. It ends with the line of immigrant Daniel Candler who was disowned for marrying an Irish woman.

Lynbgcan "Lynchburg Candlers: The First Generations" by Ed Marsh, MAR 1999. Focuses on Daniel and Hannah Candler of the South River settlement.

Mrmhdgpg Found near end of file MAY 1996: Discussion of CANDLER coat of arms and an attached file of more CANDLER data and Cromwell's Army units.

Perdue "Commentary on the Letter of Gershom Perdue dated Feb. 14, 1878" by Kelsey J. Williams, Oct 2000. He quotes from a transcription of the original letter and documents many of the family relationships he mention.

PerCom This begins as a Hodge-podge of comments from members of the group on the Gershom Perdue letter, but expands into comments on the Candlers, Lord Shaftsbudy, royal lineage, and more.

ThomMoormanLetter Comparison of 18th century letters between Moorman cousins -- the copy as found in A.D. Candler's work on Col. William Canlder of GA and the copy found in the Jones Library, Lynchburg, VA.

Lucy Clark's ThomMoormanLetter Ed Marsh looks again at a letter written by Lucy Clark Moorman.

WhoWas2 "Who Was Daniel Candler (d.1765) of Bedford Co. VA" by Ed Marsh. APR 1999 update of original OCT 1998 report.