Old Young Cemetery

Special thanks to David and Wanda Saile of Topeka, Kansas for locating these cemeteries and sharing the photos with us.
OYCdirections Directions to the Old Young Cemetery, near Potter, in Atchison County, Kansas
RoadMap Hand drawn highway and county road map of directions to the cemetery
OYCdesc Description of the cemetery itself
OYCmap Hand drawn map by David Saile of location of tombstone within the cemetery
Photo Order Order of photos taken which may help with the map of the cemetery
OYCtranscriptions Transcription by David and Wanda Saile of the tombstones
FieldToCross Field you have to cross to get to the cemetery
Wooded Area Wooded area near cemetery
Cemetery Boundary Cemetery boundary on East Side
Cemetery Gate Cemetery Gate
Potter Lots 1 Various views of cemetery. Larger stone has Moses and Mary Potter on one side and Thomas and Martha Potter on the other side
Inside Fenced Area Inside the fenced area which is location of Potter tombstones
Moses Mary Moses is son of Thomas and Celia Potter and Mary J. is daughter of Abraham and Lucinda Womach. For a better picture, see Moses Mary 2
Thomas Martha Thomas and Martha are children of Moses and Mary Potter
Moses Footstone
Mother Footstone Mary (Womach) Potter
Thomas Footstone
Francis M Son of Moses and Mary Potter
F.M.P. Footstone for Francis M(arion) Potter
Abram Womach Possible son of Allen Womack d.1846 or son of Abraham of NC
Lucinda Lucinda (Aikman) Womach, wife of Abraham and daughter of William Aikman
Duke Young Father of William Young who married daughter of Abraham Womach
Sarah Young Sarah (Lovelady), wife of Duke Young
Lulu Carson Daughter of William and Martha (Womach) Young
Cyrus Young Son of William and Martha (Womach) Young
William Martha 1 William J. Young, son of Rev. Duke and Sarah (Lovelady)
William Martha 2 Martha (Womach) Snowden, daughter of Abraham and Lucinda
Etta Young Daugter of William and Martha (Womach)
Little Jesse 1 Jesse and Mabel were children of William (Jr.) and Angie (Cooley) Young
Little Jesse 2 William Jr. is son of William (Sr.) and Martha (Womach)
Little Jesse 3 Angie is daughter of James.
Morris Connection to these families is yet unknown
Parker Morris Connection unknown
Louisa Morris Could she be a Womach?