Pinkston Reports

ShadAud Shadrack PINKSTON's request for settlement of account with Hezekiah Shacklett is from a poor copy.
PnkDsch Shadrack PINKSTON's discharge papers dated 6 DEC 1779 and proof of service in the Corps of Guards (from a copy in the library of Virgina).
Gabtygrn All PINKSTONs on GA headright and bounty land grants.
Muster One of three muster rolls for the 11th VA Regiment located in the National Archives.
Pnktntxl PINKSTON and allied families on early Wilkes Co. GA tax lists matched with abstracts of deed records.
ShadPnk Shadrack PINKSTON and his wife Athaliza (Carrell) and their children -- same as appears on the Inman Church website.
ShadSig This assignment of land warrant appears to be in Shadrack PINKSTON's handwriting.
Signatures of appraisers of Shadrack Pinkston estate--Wm. Triplett, John Carter and Thos. Eidson.
Signature of David Terrell, Register of Probate, Wilkes Co., Georgia.
Signatures of Fadde and Atha Jarrat, January 1801.
Signature of John C. Pinkston, son of Shadrack and Athalia.
Agreement by which Fadda (the preferred spelling) gets money from crops in exhange for not charging his stepdaughters for their beds.
Signature of Benjamin Starr, October 6, 1806
Benjamin's statement that his wife is Sharlotte [sic] Pinkston, daughter of Shadrack.
Receipt signed by Wm. Watts as administrator John C. Pinkston
Signers of the Bond for Athalia as adm'x of Shadrack's estate--Athalia Pinkston, John Talbot and John Owens.
Signature of Shadrack Pinkston [Jr.], administrator for Greenberry Pinkston, dec'd.
Believed to be the signature of Greenberry Pinkston (1781-1828), son of Shadrack and Athalia
Transcription of probate records for Shadrack Pinkston d. 1794 Wilkes Co., Georgia.
Transcription of Greenberry Pinkston (1781-1828) probate records, mixed with his father's probate papers.