Milstead [Brown]

Franklin F. Milstead   Click here for research notes and documentation.

Amherst County, Virginia MILSTEAD Records
LSS: For several years I’ve tried to find a link between my Franklin F. Milstead and the Milsteads who resided in Amherst County, Virginia. Research continues as I attempt to separate and follow the two Milstead families headed by a Joseph – one of whom may never have lived in Amherst County himself. The other had a son Joseph who, in my opinion, has been merged with the elusive Joseph instead of being allowed to stand by himself. However, my theories aren’t quite ready to share with the larger community; I fear starting rumors that hang around for years. However, if some true researcher would like to discuss the three Josephs in Amherst before 1800 with me, then I’d enjoy an exchange of ideas with you.

Meanwhile, an update of the Milstead section of this page necessitates doing something different with my transcriptions of Amherst County courthouse records. I prefer leaving them available to others. Hopefully I will soon have time lines to go along with these transcriptions.

Joseph Milstead Probate Transcription of 1803 will, inventory and administration bond found in Amherst Co. VA Will Book 4: pages 127-128; 140-141; and 374. Joseph married Rebecca who was alive when he wrote his will. They had ten known children; I position son Joseph as the youngest son which differs from most other researchers.

Betsy Milstead Probate Transcription of will Elizabeth “Betsy” Milstead, located Will Book 4, pages 535-536. She was the widow of “the elusive” Joseph Milstead who was deceased by June 1797 when she gave consent for marriage of a daughter. They had four children – Lindsey, Anna, Belinda and Peter – all mentioned in her will.

Peter Milstead Transcription of the guardian bond located Will Book 4, page 516 and of the Marriage Register entry for his marriage to Betsy Shrader. They migrated with her parents to Warren Co. Tennessee where Peter died before 1840. They reportedly had twelve children; I’d like documentation of names for all of them.

Brown Bond   Moses Brown, Batchelor, and Milley Milstead, Spinster located Amherst Co. VA and dated 3 August 1780.

Brown Consent  Signed by Joseph and Rebecca Milsted for Milley to marry Moses Brown.

Brown Register  This has the above marriage bond entry.