JPc1875 John P. taken by Dill & Maier Photographers (looks like) No. 36 Whitemill St. of Atlanta, GA

JP2 close-up from JPc1875 picture. Original photo is 2 1/3 by 4 inches

DrJP photo taken 1973 by "Uncle Henry" Starr in Macon, and given to Helen (Starr) Wade. Alice (Starr) Schisler says the beard covered a hole in his cheek from bullet during war. Record of his specific service was not located by archivists at GA Dept. of Archives; they suspect he was at the battle of Atlanta or in the fighting to the south fall 1864. Born 1849, he was too young to serve from the beginning.

Katie Katie Orr, Dr. John's second wife. Harry is only child by his first wife.

JPsTS Tombstone of Dr. John P. Starr in Sunnyside Methodist Church Cemetery. There are three tombstones -- two individual ones lying on the ground, identified at the bottom as "Mother" and "Father" and one standing.

SMChurch Sunnyside Methodist Church, Sunnyside, GA

Henry John Henry Starr (1886-1977)

HenryBettina Back of photo reads: With Love, From Henry and Bettina Dec 26, 08

EM,N,H Siblings, back of 2 1/2 by 3 inch photo reads: "Ella Mae, Nell and Henry Both on Back Porch notice the worn floor Part of the original one." My guess is this is home of Dr. John and Katie Starr in Sunnyside.

Siblings Harry, Nell, Ella Mae, Henry, taken 1947 at Smithville, OK

Sib3 close-up from another photo taken same time/same place

1947 Smithville: Harry Sr., Nell (Starr) Keener, Pauline, Ella Mae, Bettina Alice, Henry Starr

AUG50 At Wesleyan, Macon GA Aug 27, 1950. Uncle Henry, Harry, Ann, ??, Bettina, Pauline, and Gladys.

Carl Robert Carlisle "Carl" and Anna. Thus far only photo we have of him.

HHHA Helen, Uncle Henry, Harry and Alice at Uncle Carl's funeral, 1961 in Coweta, OK.

UncleHenry March 1975 in Macon, GA; Uncle Henry was 89 years old.