H1915 Half picture-postcard identified as "Harry Starr Idabel 1917". However, two other cards taken same day say "1915".

Idabel Identities on the back: "Harry Starr, Oakla Allen, P. J. Bowling, Idabel 1915." Harry is the one with the white hat. In the thirdpciture cut from another postcard, Harry is holding the papers which are in front of him in this picture. Also he is looking off to the side with the fence behind him.

H1917 The original phot is torn in half -- the writing which remains on the book read: "__ents of .... N. Fortner .... H. and P. Hosey"

HP1929 Identified as "Papa & Mama Starr", date stamped by Fox Co. Jul 1929

HP1936 Stamped Dec 1936, identified as "Mama & Papa Starr, Smithville, Ok." and then what looks like "30th".

HP1936a Close-up from HP1936 picture.

HP1941 Dated June 1, 1941.

HP40s Back of 4 x 5 photo reads: Papa and Mama Starr Front of home Smithville, OK

HPporch This 2 3/4 by 2 1/4 photo was taken same day.

P1940 Close-up taken from P1940a

P1940a Pauline sitting on a bench.

1940b Jerry's enlargement of facial features from original P1940a

HP1950s My guess at date for this 3 1/4 by 2 3/4 photo.

HPc1952 Taken in front of Helen's house in Kansas City.

HP1954 Possibly last photo taken together, dated Jul 16, 1954.

H1954 Close-up of Harry from probably last photo taken of him; info on back of 3 1/4 by 3 1/4 photo reads: Papa Starr Mena AR, 1954

P1957 Identified at Mama Starr in front of house at Mena.

PA1957 Pauline and Alice in flower garden, photo dated Dec 2, 1957.

P1959 Close-up of Pauline at Mena, 1959.

Xmas59 Pauline, possibly in Dallas.

HeP1960 Helen and Pauline getting into Helen's car in Dallas, FEB 1960.

MP Milam and Pauline at Texas State Fair, early 1960s.

Pauline No date, taken at Christmas time in Dallas.

P80a Back of photo reads: Mam Starr 80th birthday at Helen's in Kansas City. Pauline was b. March 25, 1877.

P80b 80th birthday

P80c 80th birthday