MonMar Monnie and Marcia Tucker, cousins of Harry Starr; his mother and their mother were sisters. Harry spent a great deal of time in their household while growing up in Sunnyside.

CRuff Clarence Ruff of Sunnyside. Back of photo identifies him as "cousin" and Alice think it's on the Griffin side.

Ezekial Griffin (1794-1866), father of William Griffin, grandfather of Alice (Griffin) Starr, wife of Dr. John P. The handwritten note with this picture read: "William, Edmond and Thomas Griffin ate dinner at Robert W. Griffin's home Oct. 28, 1901". Following this statement: "Aug. 16, 1901 age 107 years, 1794." Obits identify William, Edmond, Thomas, and Robert as brothers, and other GA court records, as sons of Ezekiel. Thanks to Nancy Morris for sharing this .tiff file with us.