Family1957 At Hazel's Left to Right: Bill, Hazel, Sarah, Lizzie, Charlie, Marie, Elnora.

Family1962 At Elnora's Left to Right: back row: Elnora, Claude, Sarah, Bill, Hazel. Seated: Marie, Charlie, Lizzie

BethElnora Elizabeth "Beth" and Elnora circa 1925?

MCharE Marie, Charlie, Elnora circa 1925?

Chnc1906 Back row: Charlie, Marie Front Row: Elnora, Elizabeth

Chn1986 At Sarah's JAN 1986 standing Left to Right: Sarah, Elnora, Nola (Bill's wife), Dorothy (Claude's wife) Seated: Marie, Bill. Marie's 87th birthday.

AZTrip Large pictures of Hazel and Elizabeth "Betty Lou" feeding deer with Archie in background.

1935trip "Three miles from Roswell, NM" -- Cleet, Lizzie with "Betty Lou" in front, Hazel, Vance, Bill and Archie. Who is "Uncle Sam and Aunt Nola Whitten"? I have a picture of them, but can't identify.

VivianEJ Vivian and Ellen Jean c1926.

MarEd Marie and Eddie's 50th wedding anniversary.

MEdVi Marie, Eddie and Vivian c1971.

Marie98 Marie's 98th birthday in 1997.

ClEln1976 Cleet and Elnora's 50th wedding anniversary 1977

McC1929 Cleet, Elnora, Elizabeth and Vance

Elnora1986 Elnora at Sarah's JAN 1986.

BettyLou Elizabeth in c1950s?

ClChar Claude and Charlie 1930s?

DoroCl Claude and Dorothy 1970s

ClLH1920 Calude and Lena Hazel c1920

Beth Elizabeth "Beth" c1920

BethChar Beth and Charles Keker 1931

HermSara1932 Sarah and Harman's wedding photo 1932

SarHer1982 Sarah and Herman's 50th wedding anniversary

SHer1976 Sarah and Herman c1976

RobtSue1941 Robert and Sue c1941

BillLH Bill and Lena Hazel c1924 on school bus

LH Lena Hazel 1930s

Bill Bill 1930s

LizLH Lena Hazel is two weeks old

LHBill Lena Hazel and Bill circa 1920 on horse made by Grandpa Benjamin LaCount.

LH1921 Lena Hazel c1921

LHVivian Lena Hazel and Vivian c1923

LH1922 Lena Hazel in dated photo

LH1925 Lena Hazel in what may be her first day of school

LH1926 Lena Hazel with doll

LHc1933 Lena Hazel in high school

LH1938 Lena Hazel graduation from high school