WEHA Spring 1906 prior to move to Cove, AR, William, Estelle, Harry Jr. and Alice

AM1901 Alice Margaret

PE Pauline Estelle 11 Oct 1905 - 20 Sep 1906

Child Unidentified child is either a Rankin cousin or a Starr

JGI Circa 1920 Jack, Gladys, and Ione.

IGJ Circa 1922 Ione, Gladys, and Jack

HGJI Helen, Gladys, Jack, and Ione circa 1925

Swing Ione and Gladys in swing

IG Close up of Ione and Gladys in swing

GIc1923 Gladys and Ione

GIc1928 Gladys and Ione

IGJc1928 Ione, Gladys, and Jack

Cousins 1918 at Smithville, L-R from back: Velma Rankin, Gladys and Helen Starr, Margie Rankin, neighbor Gwendylon Asher, Robert Rankin, Jack Starr, Reid Rankin. The Rankins are children of Pauline's brother, George Reid and Fauna.

May38 Taken May 31, 1938, standing L-R: Alice, William, Harry Jr., Helen, Jack, Gladys and Ione; seated Harry Sr. and Pauline

31May L-R: Gladys, Jack, Helen, Harry Jr., Bill and Alice. Seated Harry Sr., Ione, and Pauline. Date unknown.

31Maya Close-up of 31 May.

SonsWives Dated May 31, 1938, Harry & Elder, Bill & Edith, Jack & Glendon

Sons Dated circa 1923 Jack, William, & Harry Jr.

Daus Alice, Helen, Ione and Gladys at Smithville, not dated, probably taken same time as 31May and 31Maya

1954 Starr reunion in Kansas City.

1959 Reunion at Mena.

HAJW Helen holding James William and Ann circa 1942

1961 Milam, Helen, Harry Jr., and Jack

1960s Jack, Harry Jr., Milam, Paul, Jerry

AJP Alice, Jack and Pauline 1960s

Feb60 Helen, Gladys, and Pauline in Kansas City.

HHGIA 1954 at Mena, Helen, Harry Jr., Gladys, Ione and Alice

JH Jack and Harry Jr. in front of Wade's house in Dallas.

1974 At Wilhelmina Inn L-R: Milam, Jack, Paul, Harry Jr.; Glendon, Helen, Gladys, Alice

IAHG Ione, Alice, Helen, and Gladys in front of Wade's Oct 1978

1983 In Tulsa, Mar 1983 Ione, Alice, Gladys, seated Elda and Glendon

Group Outside church at Eufaula 1970s, Paul, Milam, Helen, ??, Alice, Harry, Gladys, Jack, Glendon

TG Thanksgiving or Christmas 1972 at Harry's: Harry, Elda, Helen, Milam, Gladys.