Archie&Liz 5 1/2 x 7 black and white taken circa 1935. Taken at their homeplace.

Archiec1891 This picture was added later to the family grouping of his parents. I'll explain when I get to that picture.

Archie1934 During a 1934 trip, when he took his Standifer aunts in Oklahoma to visit their sisters in Missouri.

LizArchie Lizzie and Archie standing in front of a car in the winter time.

Archie1948 Archie holding his granddaughter Linda

Archiec1954 Archie and Linda in Arkansas where he was living at the time near Van Buren.

Homeplace February 19, 1921 is written by Lizzie on the back.

Fairview Archie and Lizzie's tombstone at Fairview

Homeplace1915 Lizzie wrote the date and identified Marie as 16, Sarah, Lizzie, Bill, and Archie.

Lizzie My guess taken in 1920s or 1930s?

Lizzie1958 I've dated this one OCT 1958; the small picture taped in the corner is daughter Elizabeth "Beth".

Lizzie1961 One of my personal favorites, Christmas morning.

Lizzie1969 Lizzie at her 90th birthday party.

Lizzie1950s The date is my best guess.

Lizzie1949 With Linda at Hazel's.

Lizzie1956 With Linda at Hazel's.

LizzieBill Linda's wedding with Bill and Jesse in background.