Adams Reports  [Missouri]

A deed that is important for narrowing the range of death years for Elizabeth (  ) Adams, Jesse Canada and Thornton Snelling.
A deed dated 1830 executed by James Adams with his wife Elizabeth. It proves that James was the son of William Adams, who once lived in Harrison County, Kentucky. 
Transcriptions of Knox County, Missouri Deed Book A pages 97 and 169, and Deed Book B pages 41 and 153. Book B p. 41 provides proof that James Q. and Lucinda were children of James and Elizabeth Adams. Lucinda is identified as an Adams in the March 21, 1851 deed which "suggests" she married Thornton Snelling after this date.
Transcriptions of Knox County, Missouri deeds located in Books A, B and E that involve James Q. and Polly Adams, and Lucinda (Adams) and her husband Thornton Snelling.
Transcription of Ralls County, Missouri 1830 probate records packet for William Adams with Lowrie Adams, Administratrix. The following year the portion of Ralls County that included his land became Monroe County.