Time Line for the Northern Neck

Jackson / Tinsley / Rucker Lines

Compiled by Linda Sparks Starr

September 2004


Several people assisted me in compiling this database, everything from sending look-ups from their personal libraries to sharing their personal knowledge of the geographic features and county boundary line changes. However, special thanks go to Rhoda Fone -- for ‘going the extra mile’ so many times we've both lost count -- Mary Thompson, who deserves a special note for sharing her wonderful collection of early Jackson data, and Mary Gregg for her continuing expertise with the allied lines. Her expertise made the accompanying and soon to follow 'allied lines' database much easier to compile. Bracketed family connections within entries are credited to these three.

A working knowledge of county boundary line changes is essential: Essex and Richmond Counties were created 1692 from ‘Old’ Rappahannock County, which has nothing to do with the current Rappahannock Co. King & Queen County was created from New Kent Co. in 1691. K&Q extant land records date from 1782 and other records from 1865. Spotsylvania Co. was created from parts of Essex, King & Queen and King William Counties in 1720 and Caroline from other portions of those same three counties in 1727. Orange County was created 1734 from Spotsylvania County; then Culpeper Co. was created from Orange Co. in 1748. Amelia has a separate county formation history, but people from all the above counties, especially Caroline, moved there.

This began as a study of the Jackson line of Joseph who died 1797 in Lincoln County, Kentucky. James Tinsley, (son of Thomas) also moved to Lincoln County, Kentucky where records show a close connection between he and the family of Joseph Jackson who died 1797. This association includes the use of "Tinsley" as given name in descendant lines from Joseph and the Rucker given name "Ephraim" for Joseph's only son. This combination is the basis for my looking for Joseph's wife among the early Tinsley and Rucker families. For more on this Joseph Jackson, see AmeliaJJsil and other files in the Jackson section of my webpage. http://homepages.rootsweb.com/~lksstarr/kentucky/jackson.html

Tinsley researchers will notice my lack of references to the New Kent and Hanover County families. I personally believe a careful study of the records presented below, when compared with existing records in New Kent and Hanover Counties (mainly parish records) proves there were two early Thomas Tinsleys, whose descendants move by separate paths across Virginia. I acknowledge there is probably some connection between the two lines back in England, but for the first couple generations in Virginia, there doesn't appear to be a close association between the two lines.

I’ve tried to limit entries to only ‘documentable’ sources, using the specific deed / will book and page numbers when possible. Most data comes from abstracts and transcriptions of the court records by Dorman / Fleet and the Sparacios. When the specific reference to original book was not included, I used the dates transcribers used for that particular book. Land patents come from the 7 volumes edited by Nugent & Hudgins. I tried to provide references to the specific volume of Cavaliers and Pioneers as well as the original Patent Book. For convenience I shortened the "Old Style Dates" to agree with current dating system (e.g. Jan 12 1702/3 is "1703, Jan. 12" here.) When possible I used the date of the deed, not when it was recorded. However, I used the recorded date for wills IF the probate date wasn't given. An exception is when I was interested only in the witnesses to the will, for which I used the date the will was signed.

My estimation of birth years for some individuals is hopefully backed by sound reasoning for that date. However, these should be considered an approximation at best unless backed by documentable evidence. My general rule of thumb is: a male was 21 when he first appears in records and a female married the first time at age 18 and a male at age 25. I acknowledge exceptions to all these, so I stress again, consider these estimations only. I'm on firmer ground saying orphans were 14 or older if they chose their guardians, and younger than 14 if the court appointed a guardian over their property.

Realizing the growing length of this file, I omitted unhelpful entries, such as serving on a jury, if the individual had recently appeared in other county records. I also omitted references to two Jackson merchants – an early one who lived in Bristol, England whose heirs sold his land in VA and Robert, merchant of Fredericksburg, who owned land, a mill, and sued several for debt. Hopefully, comments added after citations at end of entries are helpful. lsstarr@pilgrimage.us


1657 Seth Tinsley on Passengers list to Maryland [Supplement to The Early Settlers of MD]

1659, Oct xxviith St Clement’s Manour (Thomas Gerard, Lord) resiants (sic) include Seth Tinsley; Leaseholders include Thomas Jackson [per Maryland Heraldic Families v.1]

(no date) will George Jackson .. make Edward Freeman my sole Executor .. bequeath upon Robert Eaid Son in Law to sd Freeman 100 acres betwixt the sd Eaid & Freeman, lawful son the sd Edward Freeman. (signed) George (his mark) Jackson wit: Thomas (mark) Harper, Symon (his mark) Butler [Old Rappah. 1665-1677 p. 216-217]

1660 - 1669

1668, Xbris 28 John & Lewis (his wife) Burnett in Puscatacon, Rappah. Co. to Thomas Gaines .. 100 acres in Puscatacon .. near the Swamp … upon the land of Mr. William Jackson & Robert Armstrong … wit: John Heyward, Ro: Annishony. [Old Rappah Deeds 1668-1670 p. 111-2] Feb 1669 Thomas Gaines assigns his title to Nuhill Peterson.

1669 Seth Tinsley purchased from Valentine Allen the remainder of patent obtained by Allen in 1662. [Old Rappah Deeds 1668-1672 p.158] The patent for 438 acres was on S side Rappah. River between two branches of a creek, running nigh land of John Jenings etc. [PB 5 p. 268, CPv1 p. 480]

1669, June 8 John and George Killman to David and Henry Jackson … 200 acres .. joining land of John Patterson lying NE and land of Capt. Josias Picciss and land of Peter Godson … wit: Jo: Patterson, Thomas Greene. [Old Rappah 1668-1670 p. 87] David Jackson assign over title to R. Bray Feb 2, 1670. [page 87] July 6, 1669 John and Margery Killman .. power of atty to Thomas Greene to ack. deed …"to aforesaid Brethren" [p.87]

1669, Jun 26 Vallentine Allen of Rappahannock Co. & Sittingbourne Parish, carpenter, … 178 acres … to Seth Tinsley of the same place, Boatwright … with: Geo. Ndiah, Ro: Payne. [Old Rappah Deed Bk 1668-1672, p. 80-82]. This indenture between above … parcell of land adj William Hodgson .. bounding upon a Creek as by pattent … with: Warwick Cammock, Edmond Dobson. Mary relinq her dower …

1669, Aug Andrew Tedder of Gloster gave Robert Cale, son of Robert, heifer … witness to Deed of Gift John (mark) Bowry, John (his mark) Jackson [Old Rappah Co. 1670-72 p. 149]

1670 - 1679

1671, Jun 9 John Prosser to John Steven of Gloucester Co. … 600 acres in Rappahannock Co., south side freshes of the Rappahannock River [Old Rappahannock Co. Deed 1677-1682] Prosser "had also sold land to William Daniel, James Lindsay and Thomas Jackson later in Caroline Co." [A Supplement to Pamunkey Neighbors of Orange Co. VA vol. II, by Ruth & Sam Sparacio. Linda note: entry is a bit confusing, might be Steven selling land to these men instead of Prosser.]

1672, April 24 Thomas Harper …later tobacco payment ‘by George Jackson his heirs have given bargained sold and confirmed unto the aforenamed James Jackson of Rappa Co. planter …100 acres on South side of River, bounding up Edward Freeman’s land .. Lower end of Piscaticon Cr .. patent to Thomas Harper and Robert Clements .. unto the said George Jackson and his heirs … wit: John Blake, John Rayney [Old Rappah 1670-72 p. 288. Linda note: this one is weird – could "James" be an error by the clerk and it’s all George? Harper wit: to will George Jackson who left, sounds like this 100 acres, to Robert Eaid.]

1673, Nov 18 John Prosser of Rappah Co. to Thomas Pannel .. 250 acres … wit: James Jackson, Xpher Metcalfe. [Old Rappah Deeds 1672-1676 p. 159-60]

1673, Dec 31 Thomas Lane of Rappah. Co. to Daniel Jackson and Elias Bayley of Middlesex Co. … 200 acres…North side of river … West side of Spring Br next to John Braithwait … run called Manokin … land of William Bowyer…Francis Settle’s..John Braithwait…[Old Rappah Co. Deeds 1672-1676 p. 194-5]

1674, Sept 2 James Jackson’s earmark is crop in both ears and under keel on right and a nick above the ear and upper keel on the left ear and a nick under the ear. [Old Rappah Deeds 1672-6 p. 237]

1674, Nov 11 Elias Bayley of Middlesex Co. to his partner Daniel Jackson his interest in 200 acres sold them by Lane wit .. : Richard Perrott Jr., David Salisbury. [Old Rappah 1672-6 p. 326] "South side Rappa Cr bounding upon John Brodwik & Francis Settle" [within his power of atty to John Nichols p. 327]

1678, Mar 8 Thomas White to James Jackson a bay horse having black mane, tail & legs .. wit: James Harrison, John Powell. Jun 19, 1679 James assigns title of horse to William Lamb wit: William Wine, John Powell. [Old Rappah D&W 1672-1676 p. 336]

1678, Nov 13 James Jackson assign to Jeremy Long .. 120 acres (signed) James Jackson wit: James Harrison, John Bowzie [Old Rapah D&W 1677-1682 p. 230] July 1, 1679 James and Susanna Jackson appt John Powell to ack sale of land on head of Golden Vale Creek in freshes of Rappa … wit: James Harrison, Henry (his mark) Thackery. (signed) James Jackson, Susanna Jackson

1679, Dec 2 John Vickars of Upper Precincts of Rappah Co. … to William Smith … 100 acres, ye lower side of Golden Vale Cr .. part of Devident belonging to John Waight, and by him willed to my wife Elizabeth Vickers, land lying back of parcel sold to James Jackson … wit to power of atty: John Powell, Daniell Mariott [Old Rappah D&W 1677-1682 p. 273-4]

1680 - 1689

1682, Jan 2 James and Mary Orchard to James Jackson, planter, … 150 acres in Sittingborn Parish, North side Rappa River … to great Swamp .. wit: Moses Hubbert, Joshua Davis, Jo: Taverner [Old Rappah Deeds Bk 7 p. 64-5]

1683, Dec 17 James Jackson to James Harrison … 75 acres on North side Rappa River .. purchased of James Orchard, the said land lying back of 75 acres sold to William Griffin … wit: John Vickars, William Mathews. (signed) James Jackson. [Old Rappah Deed Bk 7 p. 78-9] Susannah Jackson app’t James Orchard atty to relinq dower Jan 2, 1683[4]. (signed) Susannah (her mark) Jackson wit: William and Jane (her mark) Griffin. Ditto 75 acres to William Griffin … [page 79-81 Linda note: this doesn’t show Susannah signing by mark. Deed to Griffin repeated [p81-82] Susann (S her mark) Jackson with Mary (her mark) Orchard and Charles Charleron witnessing power of atty to James Orchard.

1684, May 2 Henry Fleet to James Jackson .. 119 ¼ acres per Mr. William Moseley, Surveyor, in Rappahannock Neck .. up to John Cole’ house ... to Gutt .. wit: Bru: Hodgsson, William Tayler. [Old Rappah Deed Book 7 p. 106-7]

1684, August 4 Robert Redford succeeded Seth Tinsley as Constable for Rappahannock Co.

1684 earliest birth year for Mary Jackson (dau of Patrick) who was under 14 in 1698

1684, Sept 2 Daniel Jackson and Ann Ascough wit: power of atty for relinq dower signed by Elizabeth Cooper to Christopher Ascough [Old Rappah Deed Bk 7 p. 131-132]

1684, Oct 2 Attachment gtd Patrick Jackson agst estate Gilbert Penn according to petition returnable next Court (61). [Rappah. Co. Orders 1683-1685 p. 44. Rhoda note: not sure what "61" means here.]

1685, May 4 Daniel Jackson, Elizabeth (her mark) Jackson witnessed power of atty for relinq dower signed by Belinda (her mark) Pursell to Luke Thornton. [Old Rappah Deed Bk 7 p. ?169-171]

1685, Dec 31 James Jackson to Edward Newton .. 59 acres, part of tract of 119 acres purchased of Fleet … bounded by Mr. Henry Fleet now Mr. Mottrum Wright’s land, John Colend, Henry Burditt and myself … wit: James Harrison, William Carethers. (signed) James Jackson, Susanna (S her mark) Jackson. [Old Rappah Deeds Book 7 p. 240-41]

1686, May 28 James Jackson assign to John Browne .. 60 acres wit: Angell Jacobus, Richard (R ) Green, John Rice. [Old Rappah Deeds Book 7 , p.241-2] This indenture … James Jackson of Parish of Citenburrough .. planter and Susanna his wife … to John Brown of Farnham Parish, Merchant … 60 acres .. West side Rappah Cr .. 119 acres per Survey between two branches .. adj land John Cole and old plantation which said Fleet dwelleth upon … now Mottrum Right … past Cole House … except 59 acres sold out of the sd 119 to Edward Newton … wit: above (signed) James Jackson, Susanna (S her mark)

1686, Oct 6 William and James Coghill, by and with consent Mary [( ) Duxbury] … father dec’d [James d. 1685] .. have gtd to Timothy Davis .. old plantation on Cockleshell Cr .. joyning land now in Tenure and occupacon of Seth Tinsley … dividing sd land from Wm Hobsons .. on head of Cockleshell Cr .. land of Mr. Gaines … [Old Rappah Deeds Bk 7 269-70]

1686 earliest birth year of Thomas Jackson (son of Patrick) who was under 14 in 1698; gdn was to school him for two years, suggesting later birth year. [Linda note: I tentatively identify this as Thomas (T) Jackson who died 1764 Orange Co. VA]

1688, May 8 will of Alexander Webster of Washington Parish, Westmoreland Co. was witnessed by Caleb Butler, John Andrews and Isaac Jackson. [West. D&W No. 3 p. 152-3. Linda note: Caleb Butler was the 4th husband of Mary (Foxhall) whose sister Sarah was step-mother of Isaac’s wife Jane. This will was probated in 1703 after Isaac Jackson’s death.]

1689, Jan 1 William Griffin to James Jackson .. 20 acres on Westward side of Orchards Swamp … part of 75 acre tract afsd Jackson sold my father William Griffin dec’d … wit: James Harrison, Alexander Doniphan [Old Rappah Deed Bk 8 p. 1] James Jackson and Doniphan then wit: deed Griffin to James Harrison [page 2]

1689, Mar 6 James and Mary Orchard to John Burkett … part of patent to Capt. John Ware … by the Clear Br of Clift Creek, corner tree to tract by me sold to James Jackson .. to Mr. Harrison’s cornfield fence … [Old Rappah Deed Bk 8 p. 7-8]

1689, Oct 20 Thomas Tinsley 111 acs Rappah Co., S side freshes of river .. Begin at John Scott, at foot of Mt. Clapham hill, to James Coghill; crossing br of Portobaco … [CPv2p339, PB 8 p.25]

1689 approx birth year for John (J) Tinsley IF he was 21 in 1710 when he witnessed Sarah Tinsley’s signature – there was no minimum age requirement for witnesses to wills and deeds.

1689, Nov 3 James Orchard to James Jackson .. 10 acres more or less North side Rappa River, NE line of Martin’s patent … standing in Spring Br of sd Jackson’s … to small ridge … to Main Swamp … wit: Charles Sepoo, Francis (his mark) Tayler. [Old Rappah Deed Bk 8 p. 79]

1690 - 1699

1690, April 2 Upon information John Powell that Henry Hases with Mingo, a mulatto slave, … stole one hogg, property of Tho: Tensley … jury decide Hases do serve John Powell as Informer one compleat yeare and also the sd Tho: Tinsley as owner one other compleat yeare after time to his present master is served. Mingo found guilty of stealing hogg … thirty lashes upon bare back. [Old Rappah. Co. Order Book 1689-1692 p. 258] April 3: Reff Intr: Mr. Ja: Harison plt & Tho: Tinsley Deft. Till next Court. [p. 261]

1690, May 2 James Jackson of Cittinburne Parish … to Pithagoras Powell … 71 acres on North side River … corner of Green’s .. to Clothworker’s .. to Deep Br in line of Mr. Harrison .. wit: James Harrison, John Ball. (signed) James Jackson. [Old Rappah Deed Book 8, p. 138-9] Susanna (her mark) Jackson signed power of atty to Mr. James Harrison to release her dower

1690 earliest birth year for Ann (dau of Patrick Jackson) whose gdn in 1698 was to teach her to read, suggesting a later birth year.

1691, Aug 6 Reff. Granted intr: David Houseman Plt & Seth Tinsley Deft till next Court South side. [Old Rappah. Order Book 1689-1692 p. 220]

1691, Oct 8 Judgmt grtd David Houseman agst Seth Tinsley for One pound Nineteen shillings [Old Rappah Order Book 1689-92 p. 232]

1692, Feb 5 Reff Intr. Tho: Tinsley Plt & Ralph Tinsley Deft. Till next Court. [Old Rappah Order Books 1689-1692 p. 247]

1692, Aug 10 difference betw Patrick Jackson and Wm Copeland dismist … [Essex Orders Bk p. 27]

1693, June 10 Richard Rhodes agst Patrick Jackson & wife for debt & battery [Essex Orders p. 106] Dec 13 Rhodes vs Jackson dismist for want of prosecution both cases. [Essex Orders p. 152]

1694, Nov 9 Parish Levy: to Tho. Tinsley for one wolf head – 0200 tobacco. [Essex Orders p. 220]

1694 earliest birth year for Phillip Tinsley (son of Thomas & Sarah) for not of age in 1715. Latest birth year of Thomas Tinsley Jr (son of Thomas & Sarah) who appears to be 21 when his father wrote his will 1715; however, since he was to get the land after his mother’s death, he might be the youngest son.

1695, Sept 10 On attchmt gtd Capt. John Battaile agst estate Richard Tayler returned, attached in the hands of Tho: Tinsley for 195 lbs toco; due by bill with costs. [Essex Orders p. 257] Specific complaint of Battaile is that Richard Tayler "hath absented himselfe out of these parts" oweing him the above. Essex Court Justice Ber: Gaines signed the order of Constable Thomas Short "to attach so much of ye Estate of ye above mentioned Richard Tayler in ye hands of Thomas Tinsley" to pay the above amount. Dated Aug 23 [Essex D&W 1694-95, p. 373]

1697, Oct 8 Action brought by Margarett Cammock on behalf the legatees of Seth Tinsley dec’d agst Silvester Thatcher is dismist, the plt not prosecuting. [Richmond Co. VA Order Bk 1697-1699 p. 271. Linda note: I wonder if some "Gammock" entries are for Cammock and "Thacker" for Thatcher? Note: Mary Gregg & Rhoda: Margaret ( ) m. 1st Silvester Thatcher (who appears in Isle of Wight Co. VA early on) and 2nd Warwick Cammock.]

1696, March 10 Isaac Jackson and Jean his wife, dau & heir Robert Gullock [d.1684] late of Essex vs Hugh Cary for trespass on her inheritance from her father, land on Occupacon Cr. [Essex OB 1695-9 p6]

1696, Nov 11 Capt Arthur Spice vs Isaac Jackson dismist. [Essex Co.]

1697, May 10 John and Sarah (S) Eliott relinquish ‘right of dower’ in land formerly belonging to Robert Gullock dec’d, unto Isaac Jackson (as marrying the dau of sd Gullock). Wit: Tho: Covington, John Corbin [Essex D&W 1695-9 p. 110. Linda note: Sarah is widow of Rob’t Gullock d.1684. Researchers are divided if she is Jane (Gullock) Jackson’s mother.]

1697, May 10 Hugh Cary & Thomas Cripps deemed guilty of ‘violently assaulted the sd Jackson in his own house’ were ordered put into stocks for one hour. [Essex Orders Bk p. 51. LSS note: this is likely "Isaac" Jackson based on Cary / Elliot lawsuits below]

1697, June 11 John Elliot of Westmoreland Co. appt trusty friend Isaac Jackson atty to sue Hug (sic) Cary all such sumes due me … [Essex D&W p. 125.] Sept 11 Hugh Cary vs John Elliott referred to next court by motion of Isaac Jackson [Essex Order p. 67]

1697, Sept 11 Patrick Jackson not appearing … Meriwether gtd attchment agt estate Patrick Jackson [Essex Orders p. 68] Oct 11 Judgmt gtd Meriwether agst Patrick Jackson 214 tobo with costs. [Essex Orders p. 76]

1697, Oct 8 Action Margarett Cammock on behalf of the legatees of Seth Tinsley dec’d agst Silvester Thatcher is dismist, the Plt not prosecuting. [Richmond Co. VA Order Bk 1697-9 p.271]

1697, Oct 12 will Hugh Crabb proved by oathes Patrick Jackson & Robt Johnson [Essex Orders p. 81]

1697, Oct 28 Isaac Jackson 35 acs Essex Co. S side Rappah Riv adj Wm Harper, Lodowick Rowze & land of Wm Spicer, now Rich’d Mathews. [PB 9 p. 108; CPv3 p15 Rhoda note: Rowze is cousin of Jackson’s wife.]

1698, Jan 10 Hugh Cary vs Jno Elliott concerning indenture dated 14 Feb 1692/3, sd Elliott leased to sd Cary plantation whereon William Copeland formerly lived for 6 years; plt built tobacco house, fences, etc. then Isaac Jackson upon ye 10 March obtained jdgmt agst plt for possession of plantation to damage of 6,000 pounds tobacco … referred to jury who found for plt. Jury included Edward & Lodo: Rowzee, [cousins of Jane (Gullock) Jackson, wife of Isaac. Essex Orders p. 91-2]

1698, July 11 Sheriff ordered to summon David Catlett, Dan’l Shipley & Isaac Flowers to render an acct of what they have in their hands belonging to estate Patrick Jackson dec’d. [Essex Orders Bk 1695-1699 p. 102-3]

1698, July 11 Thomas Tinsley and John Taliaferro posted bond for Tho: Tinsley to admr estate Henry Arkill dec’d .. (signed) Thomas (mark) Tinsley, Jno Taliaferro. Wit: James Boughan, Rich’d Covington. [Essex D&W p. 209-10] Thomas Tinsley presented to court 7ber 22. Order of Admcon [p.103 Essex Orders 1695-99] Tho: Threshley (as greatest creditor) on ye estate of Henry Arkill dec’d. … Antho: and William Arkill are bound to Tho: Tinsley until they are 21 years old. He to put them to school when they are 9 to age 12 and teach them ‘ye trade of a Shoe Maker’. [Linda note: Thomas Tinsley as admr involved in several lawsuits agst Arkill estate 1698 and 1699. Consensus of opinion, Thomas was not a shoemaker by trade.]

1698, Sept 10 Mary Jackson, orphan, is bound to Dan’l Shipley until her marriage or she of age. Shipley to give her a years schooling. [Essex Orders Bk 1695-1699, p. 116. She dau of Patrick based on July 11 entry whereby Shipley had something of Patrick’s estate.]

1698, Sept 22 Tho: Tinsley ordered to pay clerk for recording inventory Tho: Hope estate. Judgmt gtd Tho: Tinsley agst ye estate of Tho: Hope for 658 lbs tobo. [Essex Orders p. 117]

1698, Sept 22 Bernard Gaines and David Jamison of Essex Co. 20,000 lbs tobo bond for Gaines to make inventory and administer on estate Patrick Jackson dec’d. [Essex Co. D&W 1697-1699 p. 239]

1698, Nov 10 upon motion Mr. Ber. Gaines, admr Patrick Jackson dec’d, ordered Robt Johnson & Jno Bendall paid 1100 lbs tobo and 5 barrells corn they were to pay Jno Landrum for Patrick Jackson’s crop. Gaines presented inventory & appr. [Essex Co.]

1698, Nov 19 inventory, apprs’d by John Hawkins, William Catlett, Bartholomew Vawter, of estate Patrick Jackson dec’d returned by adm’r. [Essex Co. D&W 1697-1688 p. 277-8]

1698 Tho: Jackson, orphan of Patrick, is bound unto Mr. Ber: Gaines until 21, to be schooled for 2 years. Ann Jackson, orphan of Patrick, bound to Isaac Flowers until 18 or married; she to be taught to read. Gaines to pay Alice Shipley 100 pounds tobo out of ye estate due for looking after Ann Jackson and her children in their time of sickness and costs. [Essex Orders 1695-9, p. 127.]

1698, Dec Deed John Willis to Tho: Ramsey wit: by Richard (his mark) Jackson [Ex D&W p.6]

1698, Dec 12 John and Sarah Amis sold 500 acs, on brs of Cockelshell Cr, br of Portobaco in line of Dean & Clapham; on land of James Coghill [patented April 29, 1693 CPv2p383] to Henry Pickett. Tho: Tensley atty for Sarah Amiss to release her dower. [ another Thomas Tinsley owned this tract in 1753.]

1699, Jan 10 Judgmt gtd late sheriff Maj. Wm Moseley for 900 lbs tobo & costs agst estate Thomas Tinsley for non appearance at ye suit Robert Payne. [Essex Orders p. 165. Linda note: here 'estate' refers only to his property; Thomas was not deceased.]

1699, Mar 10 Wm Taylor, servant to James Jackson, adjudged 18 yrs of age. [Essex Orders p.144]

1699, Jun 6 William Leigh of K&Q and Benjamine Harrison of James City Co … transporting 70 including Isaac Jackson [CPv3 p.30]

1699, June 19 Charles Browne, Wm Gammock, Tho: Thorpe & Thomas Tinsley or any three to apprs estate Warwick Gray dec’d … admr Josiah Shipp. [Essex Orders p. 153]

1699, June 20 It’s ordered Mary Newbell be pd out of ye Estate Patrick Jackson dec’d (in ye hands of Mr. Ber: Gaines his Admr) after ye sale of One thousand pds of tobo p year for keeping & maintaining ye sd Jackson’s Orphan child. [Essex Co. Court Orders 1695-1699 p. 107. Rhoda note: Mary was widow of James Newbell who died about 1699 leaving widow and three sons. No relation to Patrick apparent from records.]

1699, Aug 10 Tho: Tinsley admr Henry Arkill exhibited acct to court. Tho: Tinsley confest Judgmt to Robert Payne for 1400 lbs tobo, paid. [Essex Orders 1699-1702 p. 1-2] Arkill accounting (signed) Thomas Tinsley. [Essex D&W p.4]

1699, Aug 11 Judgmt Jno: Landman agst admr Patrick Jackson dec’d for 571 pounds tobo for coffin & burying Ann Jackson. [Essex Order Bk 1699-1702 p. 9. [Believed to be wife of Patrick, not his daughter.]

1699, Aug 11 Wm Bendery not appearing suit Rich’d Jackson & Mary his wife for 3000 pds tobo judgmt gtd them. [Essex Order Bk 1699-1702 p. 10] Sept 12 Suit betw Rich’d Jackson & Mary vs Wm Bendery dismist [Essex Order p. 16] Oct 11 suit between Sarah Willington & Rich’d Jackson dismist [Essex Orders p. 67]

1699, Dec 1 Order is gtd John Butler as marrying the relict and admrx Isaac Jackson agst Alexr Spence, Gent., Sheriff, for that he had not Thomas Chancellor at this Court to answer Butler in plea of debt [Westmoreland Co. Order Bk 1698-1705 p. 66a]

1700 - 1709

1700, Feb 11 Jno Butler & Jane (her mark) his wife posted bond of 200 pounds Sterl as administrators estate Isaack Jackson dec’d with Tho: Gregson and Ro: Payne co-signers. [This is Jane (Gullock) Jackson, now Butler. Essex D&W 1699-1702 p. 70] Apprs Edwd Rowzee, Wm Harper, Jno: William, David Jenkins or any three.

1700, April 12 Wm Gammock vs Jno Butler exr Isaac Jackson dec’d is dismist. Also Nicho: Moreau vs Jno Butler Exr Isaac Jackson … Nicholas Moreau not appearing in suit vs Rich’d Jackson is non suit. [Essex Orders p. 37]

1700, spring latest estimated arrival date Peter Rucker in Virginia

1700, Sept 11 suit betw Geo: Loyd & Rich’d Jackson is dismist [Essex Orders Bk p. 61]

1700, Oct 11 suit betw Edward Roe plt & John Butler & Jane, extx of Isaak Jackson is dismist [Essex Orders p. 67]

1701, April 10 John Butler & Jane, Admrx Isaac Jackson dec’d presented inventory & appr [Essex D&W p. 77] Mar 7 date of Appr’l signed by Edward Rowzee, Wm Harper, David (D) Jenkins.

1701 Martha Jackson is bound unto Wm Price untill she attaines to ye age of 18 years. [Essex Order Book 1699-1702 p. 80. Linda note: page number may be to Sparacio book.]

1702, Aug 11 Suite betw Tho: Tinsley and Wm Bezell Jr is dismist [Essex Orders p. 132]

1702, Nov 9 Silvester Thatcher of Richman (sic) Co. and Elizabeth his wife .. to Robt Sawier, merchant of City of Bristol, one devident of land lying in the Forke of Blackbornes Crick & formerly being ye land of Seth Tinsley (torn) ye said land containing 180 acres … [Essex Co. D&W 1701-3 p. 121. Rhoda’s note: This is Silvester Jr. d. 1718 and Elizabeth is an Underwood.]

1704, Apr 26 Thomas Tinsley 1400 acs Essex Co. Begin at his own patent land in line Mr Edwin Thacker, to fork of br of Mattapony. Trans 28. [CPv3 p.82, PB 9 p.593.] Ditto 1000 acs Essex Co. adj Silvester Thacker on S side br of Portobacco Cr & line of Edwin Thacker, trans 20. [Cpv3p.84 PB9p599]

1704, Apr 26 Merrick & Wakeling .. Essex Co, S side Rappah. Riv on W side Little Tuckahoe Br of Mattapony Riv on land of John May & Peter Ruckett [CPv3 p. 83. Same date and citation] Mr. William Lowry … Begin line Peter Rucker on S side main br of Occupasion Cr, to NE side Little Tuckahoe Br of Mattepony.

[T. E. Campbell in Colonial Caroline: A History of Caroline County, VA Richmond 1954, page 299 identifies the (above April 26, 1704) grants to "Thomas Tinsley 2400 [acre] Two grants on Portobago-Tuckahoe Creek path adj the lands of Edwin Thacker" as falling into Caroline Co.]

1704, May 8 final approval Peter Rucker’s petition for naturalization. [House of Burgess Journal 1702-1712 p. 74]

1704 approx birth year for John &Thomas Rucker and Edward Tinsley, based on first appearance in records in 1725.

1706, Dec 5 Thomas & Sarah Tinsley of St. Ann’s Parish, Essex Co. to Walter Probert of Middlesex Co. .. 150 acres, part of dividend of land to Tinsley and joyning on the side of John Zachery’s land purchased of Tinsley. (signed) Thomas (T) Tinsley, Sarah (X) Tinsley. Wit: J Hardee, Robert Cook. Ack Deed Dec 10. Ditto: Thomas & Sarah Tinsley to John Zackery of Middlesex Co. … 150 acs .. joyning upon the lands of the sd Tinsely. [Essex D&W Bk 12, p. 308-310 for Probert; p. 317-18 for Zachery deed.]

1707, Feb 6 John May to Thomas Tinsley, planter, 1100 acre patent to May 1704, part lying on br of Rappah River, the other on br of Mattapony, head of a valley betw brs of Cockleshell Ck and the head br of Occupation Cr being corner to patent Charles Brown … corner patent John Coleman on side of little Tuckohoe, crossing the head br of Occupation. Wit: Rich’d Kemp, Robert Cooke. [Essex D&W 12, p.334-5]

1707, Feb 7 Thomas Tinsley of Essex to Walter Probert of Middlesex Co. .. 196 ¾ acres, being gtd Probert by deed Dec 6, 1706 (signed) Thomas (T) Tinsley, Sarah (X) Tinsley. Wit: Rich’d Kemp, Robert Cooke. Robert Cooke atty for Sarah Tinsley … Ditto date: Bond Thomas Tinsley and Sarah my wife of Essex unto Walter Probert … to make conveyances. Ditto to John Zachary 196 ¾ acres … Bond for 10,000 lbs tobo to make conveyance. [Essex D&W 12, p. 335-41]

1707, Feb 7 Thomas Tinsley .. to Robt George & John Chidell of Middlesex Co .. 1100 acs gtd May 1704 and conveyed to sd Tinsley … br of Rappah and br of Mattapony … Cockleshell Cr and head brs of Occupation … (signed) Thomas (T) Tinsley, Sarah (X) Tinsley … Robt Cooke atty for Sarah relinq dower. [Essex W&D 12 p. 342-5]

1707, Feb 7 Thomas Tinsley … to Mr. Richard Kemp … 1400 acs in Essex, being a divident gtd unto sd Tinsley by patent 26 April 1704 … line of Mr. Edwin Thacker’s .. point in a fork of a br of Mattapony. (signed) Thomas (T) Tinsley, Sarah (X) Tinsley … Robt Cooke her atty [Essex D&W 12, p. 345-7]

1707, May 8 Mr. Richard Kemp & Ellinor of Middlesex Co. to Thomas Tinsley of Essex, planter, patent formerly gtd to sd Tinsley Aprl 26, 1704 for 1400 acs and delivered to me by deed of sale Feb 5, 1707. [Essex D&W Bk 12 p. 407. Ellinor (Willis) Alden Kemp]

1707, Oct 3 Thomas Tinsley and Andrew Jackson made oath 25 and 26 March 1706 they cleared and tended … one acre land belonging to Mr. William Laury by patent containing 1040 acres lying near or upon the branches of Tuckahoe and occupation. (signed) John Lomax. [Essex Co. D&W No. 13 p. 24]

1708, Jan 28 Frederick & Sarah Coghill to Peter & Elizabeth Rucker … lease for their lives 56 acres … br of Cockelshell Cr in William Scott’ line … corner to sd Coghill’s 100 acs .. line of James Coghill’s … part of 1060 acre patent to sd Coghill’s father. Wit: Richard Cooke, Thomas James. Robert Marshall atty for Sarah, relinq dower. [Essex D&W 13 p. 90-91] Jan 28 Frederick & Sarah Coghill "for the kind love and affection I owe to John, Peter and Thomas Rucker, sons of the within named Peter, land after the expiration of within lease to Peter & Elizabeth. (signed) Frederick (F) Coghill, Sarah (X) Coghill. Wit: Richard Cooke, Thomas (T) Jackson. Sarah’s power of atty to Robert Marshall to relinq dower was wit: by Samuel Poe, Thomas (T) Jackson

1709 Thomas Tinsley of Essex to Thomas, John and Henry Emerson of Middlesex Co. … 150 acs, part of 1400 acs gtd Tinsley by patent 28 April 1704 in St. Ann’s Parish on head of Portobago Cr (signed) Thomas (X) Tinsley. Robert Cooke, power of atty, relinq dower for Sarah. [Essex D&W Bk 13 p. 269]

1710 - 1719

1710, April 8 Thomas Tinsley of Essex to Thos Snead .. 150 acs, part of 1100 gtd to John May by patent 1704 and sold to sd Tinsley .. east side Beverley’s Swamp. Wit: Robert Cooke, Cornelius Vaughan, John Miller. [Essex D&W Bk 13 p. 301-3] Ditto to Cornelius Vaughan of K&Q Co .. 150 acs .. wit: Robert Cooke, John Miller, William Scott. [Essex D&W Bk 13 p. 303-4] Ditto to Thos Bell … 125 acs .. adj Cornelius Vaughan’s land … [D&W Bk 13, p. 304-6] April 10 Ack by Thos Tinsley. Jas Wood for Sarah relinq dower. Her letter of pwer of atty wit by Thomas (T) Jacks (sic) and John (J) Tinsley. [Essex D&W 13 . 304]

1711, May 11 William Gannock estate acct: Payments made to Charles Brown, Tho. Jacke (sic), Mr. Micow, Thomas Meadas, Jasper Pollow, Robt Cooke, Fra. Thornton, William Daniell, Rich’d Ship. [Essex Co. D&W No. 13 p. 412. Rhoda & Linda think this is Thomas Jackson.]

1711, Dec 19 Lawrence Taliaferro of Essex Co. … by Gr Poquoson of Pewmansend adj. John Gasse / Gosse & along line of Capt. John Catlett imp 4: John Willis, Sarah Jackson [CPv3 p. 124]

1711 Approx birth year David Tinsley ‘of Caroline Co’ who first appears in records 1732

1713, Jan 16 Thomas Tinsley of St. Ann’s Parish to William Kilpin of Christ Church Parish, Middlesex Co .. 316 acres in St. Ann’s, bounded by a line begin near William Daniel’s plantation, then crossing the head of Portobago Swamp, to Enock Dowty’s old line … at Makenny’s corner (signed) Thomas (mark) Tinsley. Wit: William (his mark) Briant. Sarah, wife of Thomas Tinsley, by John Tinsley her atty, relinq dower. [Essex W&D 1711-14, p. 113] Jan 16/17 Lease & Release Thomas Tinsley … to William Kilpin … 316 acres … wit: Thomas Jackson [Fleet v.11, Essex Co.]

1714, June 8 Leonard Tarent to Francis Graves .. 200 acs adj Land Charles Brown, land of John Coleman and part of 500 acres purchased by Tarent from Thomas Tinsley

1714 approx birth year for Isaac Tinsley who first appears in records in 1735. Also William Jackson who received a land patent that year, but that William might be older than 21 in 1735. Records aren't clear if there was one or two William Jacksons in this time frame and area. The William with wife Mary (Rucker) is surely the son of Thomas (T); the William of the 1735 patent has a wife Elizabeth early on, but Mary could be a second wife.

1714 Edw'd Rouzey, John Cook, John Shiply, Barnard Gaines, Frederick Coghill, Cor: Renolds, Peter Rucker, John Cammack paid quit rents Essex Co. [VMG v.41, No 2 p. 102-3] On another list: Edward Rouzey, Ralph Rouzy Jr, Cattlett orphans, Jno Butler. [p. 105] Ralph Rouzy [p. 106]

1715 Essex Co. Quit Rent Rolls 1714 and 1715 names include: John Cook, Edw'd Rouzy, John Shiply, Bartholemew Vauters, Barnard Gaines, Fred: Coghill, Cornelius Renolds, Peter Rucker, John Cammack, Ja: Coghill, Col. Catlett, Jno Catlett Jr., Edmund Booker, Jno Gaines, [VMG v.41 No. 2 pages 106-110]

1716, Feb 22 will Thomas Tinsley of St. Ann’s Parish, dated Nov 25, 1715, is probated in Essex Co. He names sons Thomas and Phillip, and "other sons when of age". Thomas to get land where he lives after death of Sarah; Phillip to get 82 acres adj Berry when of age; each daughter to get one ewe; wife Sarah extrx. Wit: James Jameson, Sam’l Bizwell, Thomas Jackson, James Coghill, Thomas Dickison. Bond in the amount of 100 pounds Sterl for Sarah Tinsely as Extrx was signed by James Coghill and Thomas (X) Jackson and wit: by Robert Jones. [Essex W&D Bk 1711-1714 p. 483-4]

1716-17 Estate acct Col. Francis Gouldman, payments made to Mr. Jackson, Christopher Jackson and others. [Essex Co. Wills, Inv & Settlements, No. 3 1717-1722 p. 116-117]

1717, Oct 14 Edward Booker of Gloucester & Mary to John Hord of Middlesex Co … 200 acs commonly known as Edward Booker’s plantation .. James Cogill’s land standing in swamp .. head of br of the Gum Swamp .. Peter Rinker’s land … [Essex D&W Bk 15, p. 105-9]

1720 - 1729

1720, May 11 Joseph Berry to Thomas Jackson and Sarah Tinsley of Essex County, Lease & release for L30 sterling, 200 acres in King & Queen County, being part of patent to Enoch Doughty .. corner to Wm Croyford’s land in the line of Mr. Robt Beverley … afsd Berry’s line … line for the division between the said Jackson and Tinsley … hers being the lower part of the afsd 200 acres. Wit: James Lindsey, William (W) Dannill. [Essex Deeds Bk 16 p. 176-79] July 19 1722 Catherine Berry app’t power of atty to William Picket to relinq her dower … wit: James Lindsey, Thomas (T) [blank] Aug 21, 1722 when filed in Essex Co. the name is Thomas (T) Jackson [Essex Co. Deed Book 17 p. 75-77]

1720, May 14 Joseph Berry of Stafford to William Daniel of St. Ann’s Parish … 250 acres, part of dividend of 4763 acres gtd to Enoch Doudy in K&Q .. corner to Thomas Jackson in line of William Berry …. Corner trees to Honour Powell .. to main swamp of Tuckahow (signed) Joseph Berry, Catherine Berry wit: James Lindsey, Thomas (T) Jackson. [Essex Deeds No. 16 p. 173-4] May 16, 1720 Joseph Berry to James Lindsey … 150 acres .. corner tree to Lawrence Taliaferro .. main swamp to Tuckahoe .. line of William Daniel .. Honour Powell .. wit: Thomas (T) Jackson, William (W) Daniel. [p. 175-6]

1721, Aug 21 Joseph Berry of Stafford to William Daniel of Essex .. 300 acs .. corner to James Lindsey & Mr Larrance Taliaferro thence West along sd Taliaferro’s line to Mr William Beverley thence South to .. Thomas Jackson, thence along said Jackson’s line East to James Lindsey … wit: Thomas (T) Jackson [Essex Deeds p. 75-77]

1721 Approx birth year for Thomas Jackson Jr. who died 1749 in Caroline Co., he first appearing in records in 1742. [Linda note: son of Thomas (T) and Margaret.]

1722 Approximate birth year for Sarah Jackson, daughter of Thomas (T) if she was 18 when she married.

1724 Approx birth year for David Jackson who first appers in records in 1745

1724, July 22 Ordered John Gouge pay Thomas Jackson for three days attendance as evidence agst John Picket & for twice coming & going 20 miles [Essex Order Book 1723-1725]

1725, May 27 James Taylor of St. Stephen’s Parish, King & Queen Co. to John Rucker of same, 100 acres in St. George’s Parish, Spots. Co., part of patent to sd Taylor dated 21 July 1722. Wit: W. Russell, R. Bayley, Sam’l Loyd. Ditto to Thomas Rucker of St. Ann’s Parish, Essex Co. 100 acres … Ditto to Edward Tinsley of St. Stephen’s Parish, K&Q Co. 100 acres … Ditto to Thomas Jackson of St. Stephen’s Co, K&Q Co., 100 acres in St. George Parish, Spots Co. [Spots Deed Bk A] July 6 James Taylor ack deeds of lease / release for 100 acs to Thomas Jackson. Ditto for 100 acres to Edward Tinsley, at motion of John Rucker in behalfe of said Tinsley. Ditto to John Rucker in behalfe of Thomas Rucker. Ditto for land unto John Rucker. [Spots OB 1724-1730 Pt.1 p. 62]

Col. Taylor sold 100 acres of his grant to James Rucker [Spotsylvania Co. Deed Bk 1 p. 143] and an adjoining 100 acres to Thomas Jackson [Bk 1 p. 152]. These two parcels which together came to be known as the "Courthouse Tract" became the site of the new town which grew up around the courthouse which was moved from Raccoon Ford in 1749. [p. 113 The First Settlers of Orange Co. VA by Ulysses P. Joyner Jr.]

1725 Approx. birth year Ephraim Rucker if 25 when he married Margaret Vawter.

1726, March 1 Petition Mr. Robt Taliaferro for Road from Baylors Mt to the Falls gtd and Capt. Thomas Chew and sd Taliaferro appt’d to view & lay out the same .. that Thomas Jackson be Overseer of the sd Road and all male tithables above Nicholas Christopher do help the sd Jackson cleare the same. [Spots OB]

1726, Sept 7 Edward (X) Tinsley of K&Q Co. to William Croford of Spts … 100 acres which sd Tinsley purchased of Col. Taylor. Wit: James Taylor, Robt Green, John Finalson. [Spts Deed Bk A]

1727, Mar 4 Thomas Rucker of King & Queen Co. to Kendry Downs .. 100 acres in St. George’s Parish, Spots Co. , part of patent to James Taylor May 25, 1722 …wit: John Richer, Edward (X) Tinsley, Thomas (X) Jackson [Spots Deed Bk A. Linda note: Henry Downs per Orange Bk 1 p. 164-69]

1727, April 17 Thomas Jackson of Spotsylvania Co. to Isaac Tinsley of King & Queen …100 he bought of Joseph Berry adj land of Sarah Tinsley … wit: Samuel Bizwell, Thomas Crutcher, Cornelius Reynolds. [Essex Co. Deed Bk 18 p. 298-9. Linda note: Same date Thomas Jackson of Spots. Co. to He[n]ry Tinsley of King & Queen … land in K&Q Jackson bought of Joseph Berry … 100 acres adj lands of Sarah Tinsley. Wit: Samuel Bizwell, Thomas Crutcher, Cornelius Reynolds. Essex Deed Bk 18 p. 278 per Saparacio Pamunkey Neighbors. One of these two entries errs.]

1727, Aug 17 Thomas Jackson 732 acs Spots Co in St. George’s Parish on N side North River of the Rappidan River [PB 13 p. 159, CPv3 p. 331]

1727, Aug 17 John Rucker 977 acs Spotsl. Co. in St. George’s Parish on a run of Rappidan River adj Mich’ll Holt’s line. [CPv3 p. 332; PB 13 p. 162]

1727, Sept 27 Thomas Jackson ack his Deed & Livery to Isaac Tinsley [Essex Co. Order Book p 175]

1730 - 1733

1730, Feb 6 John Rucker of St. Mark’s Par, Spots. Co "to my sister Mary Rucker’, love & affection .. to ‘Mary Rucker and William Offall, her lawful husband’ … 100 acres [Spts Deed Bk B]

1730, June 16 Thomas Jackson 268 acs Spots Co adj his own land [PB 13 p. 458; CPv3 p. 368]

1730, June 16 Thomas Rucker 876 acs Spots Co in St. George’s Parish adj Thomas Jackson & John Rucker [PB 13 p.459, CPv3 p. 368]

1731, May 4 John Rucker appt’d constable from the Rappahannock River to the Parish line, including the South Mountains. [Spots Order Bk 1730-38 p. 35]

1731, July 6 John Rucker, Thomas (X) Jackson, Henry (X) Downs wit: deed William Phillips to John Davis .. 100 acres in St. George Parish ..[Spots Deed Bk B]

1731, July 6 William Phillips of St. Mark’s Par to John David … 100 acres .. part of patent to James Taylor .. wit: John Rucker, Thomas (X) Jackson, Henry (X) Downs [Spts Deed Bk B]

1732, July 4 Thomas (X) Jackson of Spotsylvania Co to David Tinsley of Caroline Co … 268 acres formerly gtd to sd Jackson by patent. Wit: William Phillips, William Crosthwait, John Rucker. [Spots Deed Bk B]

1732, Aug 3 On petition John Rucker to have all the tithables … betw Robinson & Rappadan and above Horsuipe’s added to Peter Rucker’s gang to clear the Road from the upper end of Francis Kirkley’s Mt and so down the Ridge betw Beautiful Run and the Rappadan River into Cave’s Rd is granted. [Spots. Order Bk 1732-1734 p. 146]

1732, Sept 5 Thomas Jackson ack deed to David Tinsley [Spots Order Bk 1732-1734 p. 146]

1732, Sept 6 Petition Thomas Jackson & John Rucker, in behalf of themselves & others, be discharged from working under Mr. Richard Winslow, overseer, from the Chapell to the top of the Hill above Blew Water Run … referred to next court. [Spots Order Bk 1732-34 p. 155] Nov 7 they to serve instead on the road from Fox Point to Crawford’s Stone which is 10 to 11 miles distance …[p. 173]

1732, Nov 7 Thomas Chew deed to Robert Martin proved by oaths John Rucker, George Penn and William Crawford [Spots Order Book 1732-1734 p. 172]

1732, Nov 8 Petition brought by Thomas Jackson agst Joseph Hawkins is continued [Spots O B 1732-34 p. 178]

1733, Feb 6 Thomas Rucker of Caroline Co. to John Rucker of Spts Co .. 476 acres St. Mark’s Parish, part of pat gtd sd Thos Rucker. Wit: Thos Chew, Joseph Hawkins, Robert Turner. Feb 6, 1732-3 Elizabeth, wife of Thomas Rucker, ack her dower. [Spts Deed Bk B]

1733, Feb 6 Thomas Rucker ack deed to John Rucker, proved by oaths William Rucker & William Peare. Elizabeth, thru power of atty John Waller, relinq dower [Spots OB 1732-34 p. 183]

1733, Feb 6 Tithables under Mr. Winslow, Henry Downes, George Anderson, William Crawford, William Crosswhite & John Rucker do clear Road from the Chappell Run over the Blew Run to Beverley’s Mill … sd Winslow overseer. [Spots Co. Order Bk 1732-34 p. 183]

1733, Feb 7 On petition Thomas Jackson plt agst Joseph Hawkins deft for 3 pounds current money due p Acct, the deft failing to appear .. Judgement is gtd to Jackson … [Spots Order Bk 1732-3 p. 188]

1733, April 3 Richard and Jane Maulden ack deed to Nicholas Battail…Jane thru power of atty John Waller..relinq dower. Proved by oaths Zachary Gibbs & John Barnett [Spots OB 1732-4 p.197 & 198]

1733, April 3 William and Rebeckah Eddings ack deed to Richard Maulden [Spots OB 1732-4 p198]

1733, May 1 Thomas Jackson agst Joseph Hawkins for L3.0.0 and 289 lbs tobo: costs not executed. [Spots Order Bk 1732-34 p. 204]

1733, May 10 Edward Tinsley (ordered) to be surveyor of road from Loyd’s Qtr to Poe’s Bridge … [Caroline Co. Order Bk 1732-1740, p. 74] On petition Charles Beasley, it’s ordered Thomas Rucker be surveyor of the road in his room. [page 73]

1733, June 14 It’s ordered John Pickett Jr pay Thomas Rucker … one day’s attendance as evidence agst Geo. Tilly. [Caroline Order Bk 1732-1740, p. 83]

1733, July 3 Pet. Sarah Homes, widow, to admin on her husband’s, Robert Homes dec’d … ordered Benjamin & Robert Cave, Thomas Watts & Thomas Jackson appraise est [Spots OB 1732-4 p. 221]

1733, July 3 Pet. Elizabeth Phillips, widow, Admix Thomas Phillips dec’d … ordered Thomas Chew, John Rucker, Henry Downes & William Crawford to appraise [Spots OB 1732-4 p. 223]

1733, July 4 In action of Debt Benjamin Winslow agst Anthony Head … John Rucker security for sd Head … [Spots Order Book 1732-34 p. 236]

1733, Aug 7 Thomas Jackson ack deed to William Crossthwait … Margeret relinq dower … wit: John Red, Henry Downes & John Skelton [Spots Order Bk 1732-34 p. 239]

1733, Aug 7 Petition Jonathan Gibson for himself and Inhabitants of the Great Mountains for a road to be cleared from Ruckers road the convenient way to Offills Mountain is granted, and ordered that Thomas Jackson be Overseer thereof. And that all male tithables belonging to Anthony Thornton, Widow Conway, James Dyer & Benjamin Coward .. help …[Spots Order Book 1732-34 p. 242]

1733, Aug 8 Thomas (X) Jackson & Margaret his wife of St. Mary’s Parish, Spots. Co to William Crosthwait ‘late of PA’ … 100 acres whereon sd Crosthwait now lives … part of patent to James Taylor and sold to sd Jackson July 6, 1725. Wit: John Red, Henry Downs, Jno (X) Scelton. [Spots Deed Bk B. Crosthwait operated an ordinary on this tract per First Settlers of Orange Co. by Joyner.]

1733, Nov 7 Peter Rucker’s petition, he is discharged from being Overseer of road from Benjamin Cave’s to ye upper end of Francis Kirkley’s Mt & ordered that John Garth do serve in his room. [Spots Order Bk 1732-34 p. 269]

1734 - 1736

1734 Thomas Jackson appt’d Surveyor of highway from Chapel to the foot of Offells Mountain, .. he to clear highways and repair bridges … [Orange Order Book One 1734-1739 p. 7]

1734, Jan 21 On motion Mr. George Braxton, Henry Downs, Benjamin Cave, Richard Winslow and Thomas Jackson or any two to value improvements of lands called Brooksby .. [Or OB One p. 10]

1734, Feb 5 John Rucker of St. Mark’s Par 420 acres to Peter Rucker, Elizabeth Rucker, Peter Rucker Junr. And Ephraim Rucker …remainder of pat gtd sd John Rucker "Peter & Elizabeth, during their natural lives and afterwards to Peter Jr and Ephraim." Wit: G. Home, Joseph Delaney, John Johnson [Spts Deed Bk B p. 493] Feb 7 John Rucker allowed 3 days attendance as wit: for Richard Winslow agst James Barber [Spts Order Bk p. 282] [p. 284] John Rucker examined by Court in case Henry Willis agst estate James Bidlecom]

1734, Mar 5 John Rucker of Spts Co to Phillip Stockdale of St. Anne’s Par .. Essex, Co. … 150 acs .. part of pat gtd sd Rucker Aug 17, 1727 and 553 ac part of pat gtd Thomas Rucker June 16, 1730 and sold & made over to sd John Rucker, as by Deeds Feb 5, 1732 in Spts Co. wit: Thomas Chew, James Cox, Charles Stevens, March 5 1733-4 Susannah wife of John Rucker ack dower

1734, Mar 5 John Rucker, James Coward and John Davison .. viewed road from West side of Mts .. Main Road near Mr. Coleman's Qtr up through ye Pass … to Coll. Todd's upper Qtr .. near George Homes' Qtr …[Spts Order Bk p. 285]

1734, Mar 5 John Rucker ack deeds unto Philip Stockdale [Spots Order Bk p. 289]

1734, Mar 6 Petition Jonathan Gibson .. ye Road from Ruckers Road to Offields Mts as Thomas Jackson was appt'd overseer … sd Jackson went 4 miles out of the way for his own conveniency .. Benjamin Cave and Randy Holeman to view road [Spots Order Bk p. 291]

1734, Mar 11 William (X) Crawford of St. Mark’s Parish to Benjamin Coward … 100 acres on Elk Run joining Thos Jackson, Wm Crawford Jr and Thomas Crawford [Spots Deed Bk C]

1734, Mar 14 William Rucker ack. Deed to Thomas Rucker [Caroline Order Bk 1732-1740 p. 129]

1734, Mar 27 Richard Mauldin of Spts Co to Edward Tinsley of K&Q … 120 acrs .. wit: Hen. Downs, Jon. Willson, Wm Rucker. Jane, wife of Richard Mauldin ack dower [Spts Deed Bk B]

1734, Mar 30 Richard Maulden of St. Mark’s Par to William Daniel Jr of St Ann’s Par, Caroline Co … part of pat. Gtd Col. James Taylor … wit: Hen Downs, Jno Willson Wm. Rucker. Jane wife of Richard Maulden ack dower. [Spts Deed Bk B]

1734, April 2 Thomas Chew, John Rucker, Benjamin Cave & Richard Mauldin .. to appr estate George Twyman dec'd [Spots Order Bk p. 296]

1734, Apr 2 Richard Mauldin ack deeds ..to Edward Tinsley. Jane Mauldin power of atty to John Waller proved by oaths John Willson and William Rucker. Richard Mauldin ack deeds unto William Daniel Jr. [Spots Order Bk p. 298]

1734, Apr 6 George Essome 300 acs St. Mark’s Parish, Spots Co. in Fork of Rappardan Riv on side of Neals Mt adj Thomas & John Rucker [CP v4, p. 35]

1734, May 7 William Crawford's deed of gift unto Benjamin Coward & Elizabeth ..proved by George Anderson and William Crawford Jr. [Spots Order Bk p. 307]

1734, May 7 Isabella Mirtle to have adm on husband Peter Myrtle, dec'd, securities John Christopher and Thomas Jackson. [Spots Order Bk p. 308]

1734, May 7 Last W & T William Crawford dec'd .. George Eastham executor .. Mary, widow, to adm the estate .. with Thomas Jackson and George Anderson her securities .. Thomas Chew, William Phillips, Rich'd Winslow & John Rucker to appr .. [Spots Order Bk p. 309]

1734, May 9 Edward Tinsley member of Caroline Co. Grand Jury [Caro Order Bk 1732-40]

1734, June 4 John Rucker of St. Geo. Par, Spts Co to William Rucker of same .. 200 acs in St. Mark’s Par .. wit: Thos Chew, Will Crosthwait, Wm Bartlet. [Spts Deed Bk C]

1734, June 4 Last W & T John David exhibited p Elizabeth Davis .. security bond John Rucker and John Davison … Thomas Chew, Richard Maulden, William Phillips and Benjamin Porter to appr [Spots Order Bk p. 319]

1734, June 4 John Rucker ack deeds unto William Rucker [Spots Order Book p. 320] Richard Maulden ack deeds unto Theophilus Edins & Jane Maulden through power of atty to John Waller ack her dower release [Ibid]

1734, June 4 Benjamin and Robert Cave and Thomas Watts .. in dispute between Jonathan Gibson and Thomas Jackson .. find Tho: Jackson has cleared .. considerable out of the way … go by James Dyer's and over the Foot of Neals Mt and into Offield's Track to the foot of Offield's Mt .. ordered Thoms: Jackson be overseer … [Spots Order Bk p. 320]

1734, June 5 Bess, Negro girl belonging to John Rucker was adjudged nine towards payment of Levys .. Kate belonging to Ditto adjudged nine … Dolly belonging to Ditto adjudged nine … Jenny belonging to ditto .. adjudged seven [Spots Order Book p. 327]

1734, July 2 John Rucker in behalf of himself & several others exhibited a proposition for deviding this county, etc. which was ordered to be certified. [Spots Order Bk p. 332]

1734 (circa) On petition Anthony Thornton, Executor Tandy Holdman estate, ordered Thomas Jackson, David Phillips, William Phillips and Henry Hawes or any two appr Holdman est that lyeth in this county & report to Caroline Co. Ditto to value improvements of his land lying in the point of the fork of the south river of Rapidan and make return thereof to next Court. [Or Order Book One 1734-1739 p. 13]

1735, Feb 14 Action trespass David Jarrell agst Thomas Rucker … jury included John Pickett Jr … found for deft. [Caroline Order Bk 1732-1740 p. 276] It’s ordered Thomas Rucker pay Henry Powell … for 1 day’s attendance, coming & going 10 miles … pay James McKenny for 1 day’s attendance … Sarah Keaton … 1 day’s attendance …

1735, Mar 14 Larkin Chew vs Thomas Coustin … jury included: Robert Taliaferro .. Thomas Rucker .. William Daniel foreman. [Caroline OR Bk 1732-1740 p. 281]

1735, Mar 24 William Jackson 200 acs Orange Co. in Fork of Rappidan River adj Neall & Anthony Thornton [PB 15 p. 469; CP v4, p 70]

1735 May-June George Smith vs William Jackson for debt of L1.7.- by account dated 1734. Dismissed. Henry Downs vs John Rucker for assault, trespass and battery. Damage of L50 asked. Letter of Henry Downs requests that the action be dropped. [Orange Co. Judgments 1735]

1735, June 17 Thomas Jackson of St. Mark’s Parish to Isaac Tinsley of same 100 acs, part of 732 ac patent to sd Jackson … at Crawford’s corner at the Rapadan River, part of patent for 732 acres to sd Jackson (signed) Thomas (T) Jackson, wit: Isaa: Cecell, Richard Mauldin Jr., A Bauldin [Orange Bk 1 p 46-9]

1735, June 17 John Foster of Spots. Co. to John Rucker of Orange … 599 acres north side Rapadan River on Maple run in first fork of Rappadan River. Wit: Thos Chew, Richd Winslow, Wm Phillips [Orange Book 1 p. 54-56]

1735, Aug 18 William Pierce 100 acs Orange Co. in fork of Rappidanne Riv adj John Rucker, Wm Eddings, George Essome & Thomas Rucker [CPv4 p. 84 PB 16 p. 168]

1735, Aug – Sept James Dyer petitions that George Home … summons to John Rucker and William Phillips 8 Nov. 1735, dismissed. [Orange Judgments 1735]

1735, Nov 14 Isaac Tinsley and Margaret his wife ack deeds of lease and release to David Tinsley. [Caroline Co. Order Book 1732-1740 p. 316]

1735, Nov 14 James Shipp & Sarah ..ack deed to Thomas Morris [Caroline OB 1732-1740 p. 317]

1735, Nov 14 Upon complaint Alexander Mitchell, it’s ordered Thomas Rucker be summoned to ans complt. [Caroline OB 1732-1740 p. 318. Suit dismissed Feb 13, 1736]

1735, Nov 17 Henry Downs … 100 acs amoungst the little mountains .. given to Thomas Rucker and by sd Rucker sold to Downs Mar 4, 1727 .. corner to Thomas Jackson

1735 Approx birth year for Joseph Jackson ‘of Culpeper’ who purchased land in Amelia Co. in 1756.

1735 Petition Thomas Jackson that .. road be cleared from Gipson’s road to your petitioner’s mill. (signed) Thomas Jackson, Richard Mauldin Jr., Isaac Tinsly [Orange Co. Judgments 1735 p. 101]

1735 (no date so year is guess) Suit by petition of George Smith agst William Jackson, Summons not executed the sd Suit is dismissed. [Orange Order Book One 1734-1739 p. 15]

1736, Feb 13 On petition Benjamin Reynolds, it is orderd he have license to keep ordinary, security bond signed by John Sanders and Thomas Rucker [Caroline O B 1732- 1740 p. 319]

1736, Feb 22 David Tinsley of Caroline Co. to Geo. Eastman … 268 acs gtd Thomas Jackson by patent June 16, 1730. Catherine relinq dower …[Orange Bk 1 p. 416-18]

1736, Mar 12 Philip Tinsley ack. Deeds to Charles BeazleyJohannah relinq dower [Caroline Order Book 1732-1740, p. 330]

1736, May 14 Thomas and Elizabeth Rucker ack deed to Cornelius Reynolds. [Caroline O B 1732-1740 p. 338]

1736, May 18 Thos Crafford of St. Mark’s Parish … 100 acres given to Edward Tinsley by James Taylor Sr of Caroline Co and by sd Tinsley sold to William Crafford, dec’d, father … adj lands John Rucker, John Baylor, William Crosswhate, John Davison and Geo. Anderson. [Or Deed Bk 1 p. 277-80]

1736, May 18 John Rucker of Orange Co. to Isaac and Margaret Tinsley of same … 100 acres .. corner to patent gtd sd Rucker. (signed) John Rucker. Wit: G. Home, Wm Phillips, Robert Marin. [Orange Co. Deed Book 1 p. 290-3]

1736, June 14 Robert Martin to John Tennent … 1000 acres .. corner to George Rucker and Edward Price on south side of a mountain on the head of the south branch of the North River … [Orange Bk 1 p. 293-9]

1736 William Jackson 1 tithe Orange Co. tithables

1736 Petition of Thomas Jackson that it will be convenient for several inhabitants that a road be cleared from Gipson’s road to your petitioner’s mill. (signed) Isaac Tinsley, Thomas Jackson, Rich’d Mauldin Junr., Wm Crawford, David Zachry, Thomas Zachry [Orange Co Judgments 1736]

1736, Nov 13 On motion John Taylor Gent, ordered William Daniel, John and Charles Beasley view road between Thomas Rucker’s and Charles Beasley’s, across head of Daniel’s Mill. [Caroline Or Bk 1732-1740 p. 387.]

1737 - 1739

1737, Jan 14 John Henderson to Sherwood James deed proved by witnesses William Jackson, Robert Fletcher and Battw. West. [Caroline OB 1732-1740 p. 391]

1737, Jan 14 Ordered road cleared from Three Notched Road between Charles Beasley’s and Thomas Rucker’s, to cross head William Daniel’s mill swamp, into ridge near Daniel’s plantation … Charles Beasley overseer & have Wm Daniel Jr’s, Thomas Rucker’s, John Powell’s, Cornel. Rennalds & Geo. Qusenbury’s people … [Caroline Order Book 1732-1740 p. 389]

1737, Feb 22 David Tinsley of Caroline Co. to George Eastham of Orange .. 268 ac gtd Thomas Jackson 1730 and by sd Jackson sold to Tinsley .. corner to sd Jackson (signed) David Tinsley. Wit: George Taylor, Alexr Waugh, Wm Clark. Catherine his wife relinq dower [Or Dd Bk 1 p. 416-18; Orange Deed Bk 1, p. 416-18]

1737, March 21 Wm Pierce of St. Mark’s Parish to Wm Rucker … 100 acres by patent in the fork of Rappidan River .. in line of patent gtd John Richer … corner to John Rucker and William Eddings .. George Essome … to Thomas Rucker’s line (signed) William (W) Pierce. Wit: William Henderson, William Offill [Orange Deed Bk 2 p. 251-4]

1737, May 14 Ordered John Beasley overseer road from Wm Watson’s to county line .. his own, Wm Watson, William Powell, David Tinsley and Phil: Tinsley’s people to assist in clearing road. [Caroline Order Book 1732-1740, p. 424]

1737, Jun 10 Ordered Henry Dikes, Simon Edwards, Richard Hopson, Geo. Brassfield, James McKinny, John Gouge, John Gouge Jr., Wm Watson, Francis Johnson, David Tinsley, Philip Tinsley, Aaron Quisenbury assist Thomas Ship in clearing Three Notched Road from Berry Poe’s Bridge to Wm Watson and also bridge by Poe’s. [Caroline Order Book 1732-1740, p. 424]

1737, Aug 2 Trustees of town of Fredksbg (by Henry Willis and John Waller) to John Rucker of Orange Co. … Lot No. 5 in Fredksbg. Wit: Wm Waller. [Spts Co. Deed Bk C]

1737 Orange Co. tithables: Thomas Jackson 4; William Jackson 1

1737, Sept 9 Ordered John Garth pay William Rucker … 2 day’s attendance & going 80 miles twice … John Pickett Jr … as evidence agst Rennolds. [Caroline Order Bk 1732-1740 p. 450]

1737 (year guess) On petition Humphrey Brooke to view improvements of his tract lying on a br of James River called Swift Run, ordered William Bryant, Anthony Head, Thomas Jackson & Thomas Callaway or any two … make report [Orange Co. Order Book One 1734-1739 p 35]

1738, April 14 Edward Tinsley ack deed to Philip Tinsley … Margaret released dower [Caroline Order Bk 1732-1740, p. 475]

1738, May 12 Suit on attachment. William Daniel agst est James Hearn … executed attachm’t in hands of .. John Powell .. Phillip Tinsley, John & Charles Beasly … Charles Beasley declaring he has 117 pds tobo belonging to sd Hearn, ordered to pay Daniel … [Caroline Order Bk 1732-1740 p. 479]

1738, May 24 Bond William Jackson, William Offill and James Dyer for Jackson as administrator of estate John Beeswell. [Orange Co. Will Book 1 1735-1743, p. 47-49]

1738, June 22 Order Sheriff take Elizabeth Davis (now wife Wm Bell) into custody till she give security for her appearance .. to shew cause why she should not give counter security to John Rucker and John Davis for administration of estate John Davis dec’d. [Orange Co. Judgments 1736]

1738, Aug 11 Philip Tinsley ack deed to James Lindsey … Johanna relinq dower [Caroline Order Book 1732-1740, p. 496]

1738, Aug 21 Zachary Taylor of St. Mark’s Parish … to John Rucker, Gent … 27 acres on branch of Pamunky River … by branch side the lower corner of sd John Rucker’s … in George Anderson’s line… [Orange Deed Bk 3 p. 2-3. Linda note: "Capt John Rucker" line in Z. Taylor to John Goff p. 132-3]

1738, Sept 8 William Jackson agst William Oliver. Jdgmt gtd Plt .. [Caroline OB 1732-1740 p. 504]

1738, Dec 8 Action of debt … Sheriff agst Robert Dudley, William Lawson, Robert Taliaferro, John Sanders and Thomas Rucker … defts. Court thinks plea by defts is good & sufficient to preclude pltf from his action. He appealled. [Caroline Order Book 1732-1740 p. 512]

1739, May 24 John Rucker of St. Mark’s Parish to Thos Rucker of same … 599 acres north side Rappadan River and on Maple Run (signed) John Rucker. Wit: Zach Taylor, Ch Hoomes, Jno Newport. 24 May 1739 Ack by John Rucker; Susanna wife …dower [Orange Deed Bk 3, p. 171-74]

1739, June 29 James Dyer 180 acs Orange Co. in Fork of the Rapidanne River, on a Ridge of Neal’s Mt adj Henry Downs, George Essom, Thomas Rucker & David Tinsley

1739 Orange Co. tithables Thomas Jackson 6; William Jackson 2

1739, Sept 14 Thomas & Elizabeth Rucker, James & Margaret Rucker ack deeds .. to Charles Beasley [Caroline Order Book 1732-1740, p. 557]

1740 - 1742

1740, July 23 William Rucker of St. Mark’s Parish to John Powell Sr. of St. Mary’s Parish, Caroline Co. … 100 acres St. Mary’s Parish, Orange Co. in fork of Rappidan River, gtd William Pierce … line of patent gtd to John Rucker … corner to John Rucker and William Eddings … corner to George Essome … Thomas Rucker’s line. (signed) Wm Rucker. Wit: William Bell, John Powell, G. Home. [Orange Dd Bk 4, p. 181-4]

1740, July 24 Thomas Jackson of Orange Co. to Richard Maudlin, son-in-law and Sarah his wife, own daughter of Thomas Jackson … 100 acs .. during natural lives with condition they neither sell, lease or rent out the land … one acre adjoining the mill excepted …little fork joining on Rapperdan River .. on hill by Thomas Jackson’s fence … on a branch (signed) Thomas (T) Jackson. Wit: Wm Henderson, Thos. Rucker [Orange Bk 3 p. 162-4]

1740 William Jackson … appt’d Constable in room of James Picket [Orange Co. tithables by Little.]

1741, Mar 13 Attachment. Archibald McPherson agst estate William Jackson dismissed, being served by the constable. Attachment. George Chapman agst estate William Jackson dismissed, being served by the constable & he not having given bond before obtaining the attachment. [Caroline OB 1740-1747 p. 27]

1741, Mar 13 Joseph Berry’s deeds to Joshua Tinsley proved by Geo. Todd, Thomas Ship, John Robinson. [Caroline Order Book 1740-1746 p. 19] Aug 14, 1741 Joseph Berry ack his deed to Joshua Tinsley. [page 65]

1741, April 10 Suit on attachment. McPherson agst estate William Jackson .. plt proving his acct, Sheriff executed attachment in hands of Lawrence Anderson, George Goodloe Gent, William Marshall, Michael Ginning, Christopher Ecoff, Matthew Brooks, Anthony Samuel, James Samuel and Michael Smith. It’s ordered the garnishees declare what of the estate of the deft they have in their hands. [Caroline OB 1732-1740 p. 41] May 8 McPherson agst Jackson – Goodloe declared he has L1.10; James Samuel has 10 shillings; Laurence Anderson has 10 shillings; Michael Smith has L0.7.6; William Marshall has L0.18.6; Matthew Brooks has L0.3.4. Ordered garnishees pay petitioner. [Caroline OB 1732-40 p. 45]

1741, July 23 Thomas Jackson of St. Thomas’ Parish to Henry Downs .. half acre with ½ mill commonly called Jackson’s Mill near the great Mountains, on the branches of the Rappadan River. (signed) Thomas (T) Jackson. Wit: Zach. Taylor, Joseph Thomas, Phillip Clayton [Orange Deed Bk 6 p. 49-50]

1741 Approx marriage year for Thomas Jackson (Jr) and Phebe (Daniel) who lived in Caroline Co.

1741 Thomas Rucker appt’d Constable in room of William Jackson [Orange Co. tithables by Little]

1742, Jan 28 will John Rucker of St. Mark’s Parish dated Jan XI, 1742 was probated. He named wife Susanah, sons Peter, John, Ambrose, Benja, Reuben, Isaac, Anthony and daus Sarah, Winniford, Mildred, Pheby, Margaret Smith. … "to Thomas Wright Belfield one lot in Fred’Kburg No 5 to him and his Heirs for ever" … Executors wife, son Peter and friend George Taylor. Wit: Robert Seagre, Joseph Hawkins, Rich’d Cross. [Orange Co. Will Bk 1, p. 248]

1742, Oct 26 Isaac Smith to John Rucker of St. Thomas Parish Mtg to secure L600 to be pd 25 Dec 1743. [Orange Co. Deed Book 7, p. 76-7]

1742, Oct 26 William Jackson & Eliza … 86 ½ acres in St. Thomas Parish to James Zachary … (signed) William Jackson, Eliza (X) Jackson. Wit: Wm Buckner, Thos (O) Jackson. [Orange Bk 6 p. 91-3. LSS note: There is possibly two William Jacksons in Orange Co. If this is correct,

then I suspect this William with wife Eliza is not the son of Thomas (T) and Margaret.]

1742, Nov 13 Attachment William McKay agst estate John Green. Ordered David Tinsley declare what estate of Green he has. [Caroline Order Book 1740-1746 p. 139]

1743 - 1746

1743, Jan 26 Orange Co. road orders "from the church to the tombstone" … Timothy Crosthwait .. Wm Goldin, Mrs. Rucker … Maj. Francis Taliferro’s Qtr, where Hawkins lived, John Finnelle .. [Orange Co. Road Orders]

1743, Feb 4 Henry Dowly of Orange to Nathan Underwood … in Augusta Co. … wit: William Jackson, Thomas (T) Jackson, David (D) Jackson. [Orange Deeds Bk 7 p. 212-16]

1743, Feb 11 Petition David Tinsley setting forth road he formerly made use of is now stopped and he has no way to roll his tobacco, nor go in & out of his plantation. It is ordered Charles & John Beasly and John Sneed lay road for Tinsley. [Caroline Order Book 1740-1746 p. 150]

1743, Feb 20 Thomas Jackson of Orange to Thomas Jackson Jr. for love & affection …100 acres in the little fork between the Rappadan and the Robinson Rivers in St. Thomas’ Parish … mouth of br that runs into large br that runs into Elk Run … George Eastham’s line .. spring branch …corner of Thomas Jackson, William Rucker, Geo Eastman, David Zachary … by Thomas Jackson’s mill and long br that runs into Elk Run (signed) Thomas (T) Jackson,wit: Joseph (I) Strober, David (D) Jackson, Rich’d Mauldin Jr. [Orange Deed Bk 6 [or 7] p. 89-90]

1743, Feb 23 will Peter Rucker, dated Jan 18, 1743, naming wife Elizabeth ‘everything’, division after her death. To dau Margaret Tinsley and son-in-law Isaac Tinsley negro Yerkshire, son Ephraim negro Phillis, dau Ann Cook and son-in-law Shem Cook negro Jeney … remainder sold and divided equally amongst my children Thomas, Elizabeth Pierce, William, Mary Offell, James, Ephraim and Ann Cook … sons James and Ephraim executors. Wit: Wm Jackson, Wm Offell, Mich. Holt. (signed) Peter (X) Rucker. [Orange Co. Will Bk 1 p. 299. LSS note: Date of bond from Dorman transcription suggests 1744 date instead of 1743 which was picked up from transcription on the net. On other hand it’s in Will Bk 1 1735-1743]

1743, Mar 11 Ordered road cleared to go through William Daniel Jr, from Three Notched Road at plantation Phillip Tinsley’s to Porttabo road by James Lindsay’s … ordered John Beasly & William Daniel Jr’s gang assist in clearing. [Caroline Or Book 1740-1746 p. 159]

1743, Mar 11 On petition James Jackson and report of viewers, it is ordered road be cleared as Jameson has turned it, Thomas Croucher, John Price, Philip Sanders and Ralph Smith’s people assist in clearing. [Caroline OB 1742-1744 p. 160]

1743, May 13 William Taliaferro and John Taylor to view road Philip Tinsley petitioned to turn [Caroline Order Bk 1740-1746 p. 178]

1743, June 10 Suit on attachment William McKay agst est John Green … executed attachment estate in hands of David Tinsley .. he ordered to pay [Caroline Order Book 1740-1746 p. 195a]

1743, July 8 William & Jane Maulden ack deed to Mord. Throckmorton [Caroline Order Book 1740-1746 p. 196]

1743, Aug 12 Ordered Thomas Ship, John Beasley, Charles Beasley & David Tinsley appraise estate Richard Goode. [Caroline Order Book 1740-1746, p. 214]

1743, Nov 3 creditors paid by estate William Crosthwait included: Peter Rucker, estates of Capt. Rucker, Peter Rucker, Thos Rucker and James Rucker. [Orange Co. Will Bk 2]

1743 Approx birth year James Tinsley who appears as poll in Isaac Tinsley’s household 1762

Mary Jackson, daughter of Thomas & Phebe, born this year or before for chose her gdn in 1757.

1744, Mar 9 Sarah Tinsley ack her dower relinquishment in land indented to David Tinsley. [Caroline Co. Order Book 1740-1746 p. 256]

1744, May 24 Edward Tinsley, Wm Bell and James Barnett appr’s est Wm Rhodes, returned to court this day. [Orange Co. Will Bk 1 p. 324-5]

1744, July 25 Richard Mauldin and Thomas Jackson to Henry Downs Gent. … 50 acres, part of tract laid off for sd Mauldin adj Thomas Jackson and half the mill that stands there .. (signed) Richard Mauldin, Thomas Jackson. Wit: George Taylor, Richard Durrett, John Newport. [Orange Deed Bk 9 p. 176-178]

1745, Jan 24 Bond Thomas Jackson as administrator James Holloway ack. [Orange Will Book 2 1744-1778 p. 38-9]

1745, Feb 27 Thomas Jackson Sr. of Caroline Co. to David Jackson of Orange Co … 100 acres in Orange, St. Thomas Parish … on Rappadan River .. beginning .. Thomas Jackson Jr … Isaac Tinsley … wit: Richard Mauldin, Elijah Morton (signed) Thomas (X) Jackson wit: Richard Mauldin, Elijah Morton [Orange Dd Bk 9 p. 250-3]

1745 Approx birth year for Thomas Jackson, son of Thomas & Phebe of Caroline Co.

1745, March 8 On petition William Powell ordered David & Phillip Tinsley, Sam’l Majors & John Beasly view bridle path from Powell’s plantation to Main Road. [Caroline O B 1740-1746, p. 353]

1745, April 12 Ordered David & Phillip Tinsley, Sam’l Major, John Beasly, John Sneed, Thomas Croucher, James Lindsey be added to William Powell’s petition for bridle path … [Caroline OB p. 462]

1745, June 15 Action of debt, John Allen merchant agst Elijah Daniel. The suit continued for John Pickett and Thomas Jackson his security to have oyer of the bond. [Caroline OB 1740-1746, p. 498 [Linda note – Phebe, wife of Thomas Jackson (Jr) is supposedly a Daniel.] June [?] 13, 1746 Action agst securities confirmed. [page 591]

1745, June 27 James Holloway estate accts settled by William Rucker, Thomas Rucker and John Powell. Receipts by Thomas Jackson from David Zachary, John Terrel, Henry Dueling, William Jackson. [Orange Will Bk 2 1744-1778 p. 63. Linda note: see 1746 Caroline Co. Wm Frazier vs Thomas Jackson]

1746 May 22 inv Barnet Crawford returned, appr's Thos. Rucker, Isach (X) Tinsley, Joseph (P) Phillips. [Orange Will Book 2 p. 85]

1746, June 13 Allen agt Elijah Daniel .. judgment agst deft and his securities, Pickett & Thomas Jackson confirmed, they to pay L15.14.4 current with interest from today. [Caro OB 1740-46 p. 591]

1746, Sept 17 Mary Belfield, widow, and John Belfield and Wm Jordan Gent., all of County of Richmond in Va, executors of Last will .. Thomas Wright Belfield .. to … Lot No. 5 "sold to John Rucker of Orange Co … sd Rucker by his last will … devised the sd Lot to Thomas Wright Belfield and his heirs … sd Belfield making his last will … [Spots Deed Bk D]

1746 [no date] Petition Wm Frazier agt Thomas Jackson. Judgment is gtd petitioner for L2. [Caroline OB 1746-1754, p. 11] Ordered Wm Frazier pay [? Henry] Duely … for coming & going 120 miles as witness agst Jackson.

1747 - 1749

1747, Feb 14 David & Catherine Tinsley agst John & Sarah Harvie … deft run away. [Caroline Order Bk 1746-1754, p. 18] Dismissed June 12, 1747 [p. 36]

1747, May 2 Charles Neal to William Jackson … 100 acres on south side Middle River adj .. plantation whereon sd Jackson lives … 99 year lease … wit: Thomas Downer, Daniel McCaylan [Orange Co. Deed Book 10, p. 501-2] Charles Neale to Matthew Knight …wit: William Jackson, Mathew Stanton.

1747, June 12 William Row & David Tinsley being summoned as jury and failing to appear, fined 5 shillings. [Caroline Order Book 1746-1754, p. 35]

1747, Aug 27 William and Elizabeth Jackson plts agst Micajah Pickett deft … referred to next court [Orange Order Book 1747-1748 p. 48] Case dismissed Oct 23, 1747. [OB p. 69]

1747, Sept 12 It’s ordered John Baylor, Gent, pay Thomas Jackson for eleven days’ attendance and coming and going nine times 65 milesEphraim Rucker … for three days’ attendance and coming & going once 60 miles. … Rich’d George .. for fourteen days’ attendance as evidence for him agst Micou. [Caroline OR 1746-1754 p. 69]

1747, Oct 23 William Bell agst Robert Jackson Gent. Referred to next Court. [Orange Order Bk 1747-1748 p. 67] Dismissed Mar 25, 1748 [page 101]

1748 Approx birth year John Jackson, son of Thomas & Phebe, for had gdn in 1765

1748 (no date, year is guess) Motion William Jackson, a witness for Henry Pickett agt Thomas Coleman … ordered he be paid for five days attendance at court. [Orange Order Book 1747-1748 p. 96]

1748 Ordered William Jackson, James Rucker & a Negro belonging to sd Rucker be added to the lists of Tithables in St. Thomas’ Parish. [Orange Co. VA Tithables by Barbara Vines Little]

1748, Aug 12 Francis & Anne Browning deed to Joshua Tinsley ack by Thomas Ship, John Robinson & Thomas Ship Jr. [Caroline Order Bk 1746-1754 p. 111]

1748, Aug 12 Peter, negro belonging to David Tinsley, adjudged to be 10 years old [Caroline OB 1746-1754 p. 111]

1749, Feb 10 Walter Leonard 1200 acs Orange Co on Brs of Rappidan Riv adj Anthony Thornton, William Neal, Isaac Tinsley & patent gtd to afsd Thornton. [CPv5 p. 282]

1749, Feb 25 Edward Spencer Gent. Agst Matthw Stanton … Ordered deft and securities Martin Dewitt & William Jackson to pay debt if deft fails to appear next court. [Orange OB 1748-1749 p. 170] Referred to next Court [page 187] July 27, Court orders pltf recover from deft and securities .. [p 203]

1749, Feb 25 Edward Spencer Gent agst Thomas Jackson and James Rucker defts. .."Jackson, being returned arrested was solemnly called but came not; therefore … ordered that unless he appears at next Court .. Judgment shall be entered for Plt agst him and Edward Watts his security. Rucker, not arrested, on motion of plt, an alias capias awarded him agt the deft returnable to next Court. [Orange Orders Book 1748-1749 p. 175.] Watts appeared next Court and atty for Jackson saying "Jackson did not assume upon himself in manner and form as Plt … declared and .. puts himself upon the Country … Trial referred to next Court. [page 192] Rucker … a plurius capias is awarded agst him … July 27, 1749 Case continued to next Court [p. 205] Aug 25 Rucker, not being arrested … Jackson "this suit is ..cont’d" [page 215] Ditto Sept 29 [p. 225] (no specific day) 1750 Spencer vs Thomas Jackson and James Rucker .. dismissed, agreed. [Orange Orders Book 1749-1752 p. 243]

1749, July 14 Phebe Jackson gtd administration on Thomas Jackson’s estate [Caroline Co. Order Bk 14 1746-1654 p. 160.] Joshua Lindsay, her security. It is ordered John Sneed, James Jemisson, Thomas Croutcher and Elias Blackbourn apprs the estate. Aug 11, the inventory and apprsm’t of estate were returned. [OB 1746-54 p. 167]

1749, July 27 Petition Robert Jackson agst John Bramham is cont’d [Or Orders 1747-1749 p. 207] (no date, but next entry is Aug 24) Court ordered Plt recover agst Deft … [Orders p. 212] Aug 24. 1749 On motion Richard Savage, wit for Robert Jackson agst John Bramham … pay one day’s attendance [p. 213]

1749 (no date) Ordered that Thomas Jackson, George Anderson, David Zachary and John Blakey or any two .. view way from Barby’s Ford and report … nighest and best way .. for Road to the Road leading to Swift Run [Orange Orders 1747-1749 p. 232] (no date) Thomas Jackson, Anderson and Blakey report … Ordered road be cleared from Barbee’s Fork to the Road leading from Swift Run and that William Jackson, Thomas Jackson, William Shelton, Shem Cook and Daniel McClayland’s [tithables] do work …[Orange Orders 1747-1749]

1750 - 1754

1750, Feb 7 John Vawter of Essex Co. to Ephraim Rucker and Margaret his wife of Culpeper Co … love .. son-in-law and daughter … 200 acres, part of 700 acre tract patented to sd Vawter 1736 .. corner to Kirtley & Stanton. [Culpeper Deed Bk A p. 121-6]

1751, Feb 21 Executors bond for James & Ephraim Rucker to administer estate Peter Rucker, co-signed by Thomas and William Rucker, William Offill and Shem Cook. [Orange Orders Bk p. 411-12.] Division of Peter Rucker’s estate [Culpeper Deed Bk 1 p. 400] – thus death of Elizabeth ( ) Rucker prior to this date.

1751, May 23 On motion William Jackson, wit for James Collins at suit William Holman agst him, ordered to receive pay for nine days attendance … [Orange Orders 1749-1752 p. 294]

1752, Feb 14 John Jackson, Frans. Jerdon and Robert Donald agst Richard Whitehead, debt. Jury find for plts. [Caroline Co. Order Bk 1746-1754 p. 298]

1752, Nov 23 App James Lewis .. to have improvements appraised, ordered John White, Thomas Walker, William Jackson and Henry Kendal or any two … [Orange Orders 1752-1753 p. 291]

1752 Ordered tithables of Bennett Beasley added to work on Road called Dundee, and Dundee Road instead of being cleared to Jack’s Mill Road, be cleared into Swift Run Road and the Road William Jackson is Overseer of, be cleared into the Dundee Road. [Orange Order Book 1753-1753 p. 372]

1753 Amelia Co. tax list shows James Tinsley in Nottoway Parish

1753 Nan, Negro belonging to David Jackson adjudged to be 12 years old & Hannah & Jenney, two Negroes belonging to Isaac Tinsley adjudged to be 13 years each. [Orange Co. Tithables by Little]

1753, April 28 William Jackson & etc. Deft … Edward Spencer agst Matthew Stanton, Martin Duett and William Jackson .. Sheriff saying previously only William Jackson is found in his baliwick … Special Scirefacias ‘to show cause why Execution should not issue agst William Jackson … should not be entered agst the other Defts [Orange Orders Book 1752-1753 p. 435] July 26, 1753 Elizabeth Spencer, Admrx Edward Spencer dec’d … ‘recovered agst William Jackson the sum of 4432 pounds tobacco and 106 pounds tobacco and fifteen shillings or 150 pounds tobacco for costs … plus interest’ [p. 475]

1753, Aug 9 Plato, negro belonging to David Tinsley adjudged to be 9 years old. Harry, negro of Phillip Tinsley, adjudged to be 9 years old. [Caroline Order Book 1746-1754 p. 410]

1753, Aug 23 Henry Shorter ack deed to William Jackson and Elizabeth Shorter relinq dower [Orange Orders 1753-1754 p. 486.]

1753, Aug 23 Isaac Jackson a juror in suit Richard Martin and wife agst Sarah Thomas. [Orange Orders 1753-4 p. 490]

1753, Dec 11 Frederick Coghill 150 acres Essex Co. on little Portobago Swamp, in a valley adj Smith, Col. John Corbin, Davis and a patent to John Amys now Thomas Tinsley. [CP v6 p. 144]

1754 (no day, year guess) John Vawter dec’d plt agst John Davison and Joshua Jackson defts, debt. Dismissed, agreed. [Orange Co. Orders 1753-1754 p. 520]

1754 Feb 28 inv Henry Rice Jr taken by appr's Edward (X) Tinsley, Richd. Vernon, William Pendleton. [Orange Will Bk 2 p. 190-1]

1754, Mar 28 William Jackson appt’d Overseer of Road in room of Henry Kendall and that he with the gang that was under Kindall clear and keep the road in repair. [Orange Orders 1753-1754 p. 524]

1754, Mar 28 Petition Jeremiah Early Jr agst William Jackson cont’d [Orange Orders 1753-4 p 526] May 24 case dismissed, deft paying costs. [p. 68]

1754, April 11 On motion Eliza. Tinsley … she to have administration estate Joshua Tinsley … Ordered James Lindsay, John Griffin, Thomas Ship & Gabriel Tombs appr estate of Joshua Tinsley. [Caroline Order Book 1746-1754, p. 466.] Inventory returned May 9, 1754. [page 467]

1754, April 25 Shem Cook appt’d Overseer of Road from Bumping Ford to the Dundee Road in room of William Jackson, and he with the gang that was under Jackson .. [Orange Orders 1753-4 p. 2]

1754, May 24 Robert Jackson agst Thomas Turner … [Orange Orders 1753-4 p. 17]

1754 (no specific day) John Robertson & Co agst William Jackson. Debt. "Deft being returned arrested was .. called, but came not’ – if fails to appear next court… [Orange Orders 1753-54 p. 40] Nov 29, 1754 Deft not appearing, plt to recover cost … [Orange Orders p. 61]

1754, Sept 26 John Pickett agst William Jackson .. Debt .. dismissed, agreed. [Orange Orders p. 42]

1755 - 1759

1755, Jan 28 Petition William Jackson & etc. .. Road from Dundee Road into Swift Run Road ..inconvenient for the upper inhabitants .. ordered John Foster, John Haskew, William Lucas Jr and John Snell, or any three .. to view the way [Orange Order Books 1755-1756 p. 70]

1755 Amelia Co. tax list shows Joseph Jackson on Rich’d Booker’s list between Flatt & Nibbs Creeks

1755, Feb 17 Timothy Crosthwait of St. Thomas Parish to Alexander Waugh … 100 acres .. land whereon sd Crosthewait lives … part of patent gtd James Taylor 1722 and by Taylor ack to Thomas Jackson July 6, 1725, and by Jackson sold to William Crosthwait … land bounded .. Peter Rucker .. Erasmus Taylor. [Orange Deed Bk 12, p. 268-270]

1755, Mar 15 James Zachary to John Zachary .. Brumfield Parish … gtd Wm Crawford … on Elk run corner to Crawford .. to Thomas Jackson’s line .. to Little Elk Run .. to Great Elk Run .. wit: David Zachary, William Crawford, Thomas Rucker Jr., Cornelius Rucker. [Culpeper Deed Bk B p. 364-66]

1755, Mar 27 William and Mary Jackson of Orange Co. to John Pickett Jr. of Caroline Co … 100 acres adj Neal’s and Zachery … Jackson ‘to be enabled to accept grant and release’ … (signed) William Jackson, Mary (X) Jackson. Wit: Nicholas Porter, Roger Bell, John Grigsby. [Orange Deed Bk 12, p. 275-7. Deed ack Order Book 1755-1756 p. 73]

1755 (no date) Motion William Jackson wit: for John Pickett agst James Powell .. to receive pay 3 days in court [Orange Orders 1755-1756 p. 133]

1755, Aug 21 Michael & Elizabeth Holt (Jr) to Michael Russell … gtd William Edings .. to main road that leadeth from Elk run to Gath’s Ford to place called Thorough fair … line of John Rucker … to Elk Run …line of Robert Broadway [Culpeper Deed Bk B p. 382-85]

1755, Aug 28 William Gray et al agst William Jackson .. Debt … [Orange Order 1755-6 p. 165] Mar 26, 1756 continued, deft not appearing. [Orders 1756-1757 p. 222]

1755 (no date) William Jackson agst James Powell, John Powell Jr and Joyce Powell, dismissed [Orange Orders 1755-1756 p. 204] Sept 22, 1757 .. continued [Orders 1757-1759 p. 348] April 29, 1758 .. case cont’d .. [page 388] May 25, 1758, case dismissed. [Orange Orders 1757-1759 p. 398]

1755, Dec 26 Bartholomew Vawter of Culpeper to David Vawter … line of patent to John Rucker .. corner to John Rucker and William Eddings .. corner to George Eastham .. wit: Rich’d Vawter, Ephraim Rucker, James Archer, Rich’d Bryan. [Culpeper Deed Bk C p. 112-15]

1756, Feb 26 James Hurt of King Wm Co. to Shim Cook of Rawley Parish … 200 acs adj lines of Wm Forster, John Buttler, Thomas Wingo, sd Hurt & Hector Truly. Wit: Alexander Roberts, Wm Clement Jr., Richard Booker. [Amelia Deed Bk 5 & 6, p. 402] Ditto to … Issac Tinsley & Thomas Tinsley of Rawley Parish, 200 acs Rawley Parish adj branches of Bent Cr adj lines Hector Truly, Ford, Richard Jones, Wm Hurt & Shim Cook. Wit ditto. [Amelia Deed Bk 5 & 6, p. 405]

1756, March 25 Thomas Walder & William Jackson … appt’d to value 159 acres … belonging to James Lewis … [Orange Deed Bk 11, p. 66]

1756, Apr 22 William Barnes to Joseph Jackson of Culpeper Co … 200 acres on branches of Sandy Creek …Amelia Co … with all houses, etc. (no witnesses) [Amelia Bk 5 p. 439]

1756, April Culpeper Co. Militia Officers include: Capts James & Ephraim Rucker. [p.33 Culpeper: A Virginia County’s History Through 1920 by Eugene M. Scheel, Culpeper Historical Society.]

1756, May 7 Richard and Frances Bryan to Richard Vawterfirst fork of Rappardan River … corner to patent gtd Michael Holt .. on Wild Hemp Br … Berriman’s line.. wit: Jno Battaley, Ephraim Rucker, Mary Offill. [Culpeper Dd Bk B p. 443-51. Linda note: Ephraim Rucker married Margaret Vawter; this is Mary (Rucker) Offill – both chn of Peter.]

1756, June 5 Ephraim & Margaret Rucker of Brumfield Parish to William Kirtley … in Kirtley’s line .. corner to John Delany (signed) Ephraim Rucker, Margaret Rucker. Wit: James Rucker, John Stockdell, Thomas Stanton. [Culpeper Deed Book B p. 451-54]

1756 Amelia Co tax lists shows Thomas Tinsley and William Ford on Thomas Tabb’s list for Raleigh Parish

1756 Orange Co. tithables: Robert Jackson 6; Joseph Jackson 1; Thomas Jackson 2; William Jackson 2 [This Robert Jackson is merchant.]

1756, Sept 16 James & Margaret Rucker of Culpeper Co. to James Griffin of Orange Co … part of patent to John Powell 13 June 1749 … on top of mountain .. side of a steep mountain .. corner to Capt. John Frogg. (signed) James Rucker, Margaret (M) Rucker. Wit: Jno Battaley, William Kirtley, Joshua (J) Jackson. [Culpeper Deed Bk B p. 498-500. Cleve Weathers note: There is a Fogg Mt in northern (now) Rappah. Co. about 3 miles from Fauquier Co.]

1756, Sept 16 James & Margaret Rucker to William Sims … betw Stanton and Conoway Rivers … top of mountain. Ditto above witnesses. [Culpeper Co. Bk B p. 500-03]

1756, Sept. 21 inv Timothy Crosthwait estate by appr's Zach. Taylor, Phillip Eastin, Peter Rucker, Robt. Terrell. [Orange Will Bk 2 p. 246-48]

1756, Oct 14 On motion Joshua Lindsay, it’s ordered John Roberts be summoned to next Court [Caroline OB 1755-1758 p. 224] Nov 12 Petition Joshua Lindsay agst [John] Roberts, deft failing to appear, ordered he deliver the estate of Thos Jackson to the said Lindsay or give counter security. [Caroline Co. OB 1755-1758, p. 235] It’s ordered Charles Story, Charles Beasley, William Heard and Thomas Croucher settle the administration of Thos Jackson’s estate. [Linda note – this suggests Phebe (Daniel) Jackson married 2nd John Roberts, but nothing has been found in extant Caroline records on a "Phebe Roberts".]

1756, Dec 9 Lindsay vs Roberts – deft failing to appear and give counter security, it’s ordered he deliver estate of Thos Jackson to Lindsay. [OB p. 242]

1757, Mar 27 James Griffin appt’d overseer of Dundee Road in room of William Jackson … [Orange Orders 1756- 1757 p. 316]

1757, April 19 Thomas & Lettice Stanton … to William Pierce deed of gift … wit: John and Charles Duncan. [Culpeper Deed Bk B p. 532-33.]

1757, July 15 Mary Jackson came into court and made choice of Joshua Lindsay for her gdn, who ack bond for same. [Caroline OB p 324]

1757, Oct 27 John Powell Etc agst Joshua Jackson, Trespass Assault & Battery, deft not appearing .. attachment of his estate for damages and costs. [Orange Orders 1756-1757 p. 353] (no date) case cont’d by motion of deft [page 383] April 29 John Powell & Uxor agst Jackson .. cont’d [page 396] June 23, 1758 … referred to trial next Court [page 409] Aug 26, 1758, case dismissed. [page 430]

1757, Dec 17 Isaac Jackson & Elizabeth of Brumfield Parish, Culpeper Co. to Isaac Smith of same, 100 acres "given to the said Isaac Jackson by his father Thomas Jackson" in the Little fork of Rappahannock River … corner of William Rucker on the road .. to head of a branch down the several courses of the said Run to the River .. to stoney clift .. wit: Ephraim Rucker, Charles (mark) Neel, William (mark) Baites. (signed) Isaac Jackson, Elizabeth (mark) Jackson. [Culpper Deeds F p. 236-8]

1757 Amelia Co. tax list shows Isaac Tinsley and Joseph Jackson on Greenhill’s list, Raleigh Parish

1758, Jan 12 Mary Jackson made choice of Joshua Lindsay for her gdn, who ack a bond. [Caroline OB 1755-1758 p. 324. Linda note: she’s at least 14 years old.] "Joshua Lindsay became guardian Thomas, John and Mary Jackson, orphans Thomas and Phoebe Jackson" in 1758 [Pamunkey Neighbors by Ruth & Sam Sparacio. Appendix of book says Phoebe is a Daniel. Linda note: we don’t have a specific record for this ‘son’ Thomas, and they don’t give their source for him. Identity of ‘witness’ to will William Allison (entry below) is not known.]

1758, Feb 9 will William Allison proved by witnesses Robert Bogle, James Robb and Thomas Jackson. [Caroline OB 1755-1758 p. 331]

1758, April 24 Richard & Frances Bryan .. to Gerrard Banks … first fork Rappidan River .. Wild Hemp Br, corner to Richard Vawter … on top of hill…corner to Ephraim Rucker .. corner to John Stockdale .. by the spring .. line of Maximilian Berryman on Wild Hemp Br and corner to Vawter .. wit: Ephraim Rucker, Elliott Bohannon, Thos Stanton. [Culpeper Deed Bk C p. 177-80]

1758, Nov 22 William Jackson to Robert Roebuck … 100 acres in Orange Co. (signed) William Jackson. Wit: William Rucker, George Anderson, Jacob Anderson [Orange Deed Bk 12, p. 509-11] Nov 23 proved by oaths of Rucker and Anderson. [p438] Feb 22, 1759 ack by William Jackson only, ordered to be recorded. [page 450.] Mary, wife of William relinq dower [Orange Orders 1759-1762 p.510]

1758, Nov 23 Ordered Joshua Jackson and William Jackson added to gang to work Dundee Road. [Orange Orders 1757-1759 p. 441]

1758 Account of sales estate Bent. Beasley, purchasers include: William Jackson, Honourrias Powell; receipt from Joshua Jackson and others.[Orange Will Bk 2 p. 296-97]

1759, Mar 15 Thomas Rucker to my loving son Peter Rucker of Culpeper … whereon Jacob Hubbard is living [Culpeper Deed Book C, p. 169-70] Thomas Rucker to son Cornelius Rucker of Culpeper … east side road .. north side of the Mountain .. on branch .. west side of the road [Book C p. 170-71; Thomas Rucker to son Thomas Jr. of Culpeper … whereon I now have a plantation .. north side of the river.. south side of the road ..rocks at the river [Deed Bk C p. 171-2] (signed) Thomas Rucker

1759, May 24 Robert and Eunice Cave of Culpeper Co. to Moses Harris of Orange .. 120 acres .. bounded .. Swift Run … Pond Mt .. wit: James Coursey, John Goodall, William Jackson. [Orange Deed Bk 13 p. 18-19] Ditto to Mathew Creed .. 130 acres on Swift Run … [page 20-22]

1759, Nov 14 Isaac & Margaret Tindsley (sic) of Amelia Co. to Isaac Tindsley Jr of Brumfield Parish .. for natural love .. their son … 100 acres on Rapidan River .. Wm Crawford’s line .. Wm Rucker’s line (signed) Isaac (T) Tindsely, Margaret (X) Tindsley. Wit: Ephraim Rucker, Richd Vawter, David Vawter. [Culpeper Co. Deed Bk C p. 338-40] Ditto Nov. 10, 1759 to Ephraim Rucker of Brumfield Parish … branches of Elk Run in fork of the Rappidan & Robinson rivers .. corner John Offill & Richard Vawter’s line … Jerrard Bank’s line .. Ephraim Rucker’s line .. wit: above Vawters and Isaac Tinsley Jr. [Bk C p. 340-43]

1760 - 1764

1760, Feb 21 John & Ann Zachary to Thomas Burbidge … upper side Elk run in Thomas Jackson’s line and adj Thomas Jackson and William & Thomas Crawford .. wit: Benja. Powell, Robert Cave, William Cave. [Culpeper Co. Deed Bk C p. 269-71. CW note: Elk Run empties into north side Rapidan in SW part (now) Madison Co, about 3 miles north of the town Ruckersville in current Greene Co. A western br of Elk run, called Gilman Run, comes within 2 miles of where I believe John Powell lived.]

1760, Feb 28 Thomas Rucker .. certificate gtd him for Letters of Administration of Estate William Pearce dec’d … security William Jackson and George Anderson. [Orange Orders 1759-1762 p. 511]

1760, April 16 Joseph Morton … to William Crawford … on Rapidan River .. lands of Wm Crawford, Thomas Rucker and John Powell … [Culpeper Co. Deed Bk C p. 353-55]

1760, Jun 26 Hector Truly & William (X) Foster of Amelia to Elizabeth Allen … 100 acs .. adj lines of John Hurt, Edmond Walker, Isaac Tinsley & one of head brs of the Great Bent Crk & Hurt’s Mill pond. [Amelia Deed Bk 7 & 8, p. 248]

1760, July 16 Thomas Chew of Orange Co. to Thomas Rucker of Culpeper … adj lands Benj. Head now Julius Christy, Samuel Angels and Thomas Rucker’s as also bounded by Rappadan River .. north side Rappadan River corner to sd Head .. corner to Downs … south side Maple Run corner to Rucker … wit: Wm Lightfoot, Benja Cave, Francis Moore Jr. [Culpeper Bk C p. 536-9]

1760, Dec 29 Robert & Enos Cave and William Cave of Brumfield Parish to Edward Tindsely (sic) of same … part of 400 acres patented to Robert Cave dec’d … north side Cave’s Payth that leads to William Rice’s … on hill north side Dark Run … near head of a br where Cave’s path crosseth mouth of a br that empties into Dark run … wit: Thos Buford, Wm Watts, Wm Rice, Richd Vernon [Culpeper Bk C p. 478-80]

1761 Amelia Co. tax list shows Joseph Jackson on Greenhill’s Raleigh Parish list

1761, July 16 Thomas Rucker of Culpeper Co. to Michael Earehart … adj Julius Christy, Samuel Angels & Thomas Rucker, being bounded by Rappadan River … north side Rappadan … south side Maple Run … (signed) Thomas Rucker. Wit: Wm Lightfoot, Thos Chew, Banja Cave. [Culpeper Bk C p. 542-5]

1761 Aug. 27 estate William Pearce settled; administrator Thos. Rucker. Payments made to Corns. Rucker, Francis Kirtley, Dr. Jackson and others. [Orange Co. Will Book 2 p. 314-15]

1762, March "On petition of Michael Smith and others .. from Tevault Christlers to the Dutch Church through the plantation (torn) Harrensparger’s dec’d. Ordered that James Barbour, Ell(torn) Bohannon, William Walker and Ephraim Rucker .. view & report [Culpeper Co. Road Orders]

1762, July 12 William Jackson 200 acs Orange Co. on Saddle back Mt adj Henry Shorter [PB 34 p. 1047; CPv6 p. 424]

1762 Amelia Co. tax list: Isaac, James & Thomas Tinsley; Joseph Jackson, William Ford, Joshua, William, William Jr. Rucker on Tabb’s list for Raleigh Parish betw Flatt Cr & Appamottox River

1762 (no date) Zachariah Burnley agst Thomas Jackson. Debt … [Orange Orders 1762-1763 p. 673]

1762. Mar 23 Robt and Eanis Cave, Wm and Sarah Cave, John Cave and their mother, Mary, of Brumfield Parish to Edward Tinsley of same … 108 acres … near mouth of br on south side Dark Run … corner to land purchased by Edward Tinsley and part gtd Cave & Phillips [Culp Deed Bk D p. 62-6]

1762. Jun 17 Martin Hardin of Fauquier to Edward Tinsley of St. Thomas Parish, Orange … 66 acres in Brumfield Parish .. on ridge of great mountain and into river [Culp Co. Deed Bk D p. 51-4]

1762. Jul 15 Lewis Herndon and Frances of Caroline Co. to James Rucker of Brumfield Parish … both sides Stanton River .. including where sd Rucker now lives [Culp Deed Bk D, p. 56-8]

1762. Aug 18 William & Honor Rucker of Rawley Parish, Amelia Co. to James Collins of Brumfield Parish … 200 acres north side Rapidanne River .. one grist mill (signed) William Rucker, Honor (X) Rucker. [Culp Deed Bk D p. 87-91]

1763 Amelia Co tax list Isaac, James & Thomas Tinsley, Joseph Jackson, Jos, William & Wm Jr.Rucker on Capt. Edmd Booker’s list for Raleigh Parish, upper side Flatt Cr

1763 Orange Co. tithables: Thomas Jackson 2

1763, Feb 24 Ordered the gang on Dundee Road be divided… lower people to clear the Road from Michael Pearson’s up to Conway’s Road and that Joshua Jackson be Overseer …he and gang be exempt from working Road whereof James Griffin is Overseer [Orange Orders 1762-1763 p. 692]

1763, April 28 Persons appt’d to view Road cleared from Chapel to join the Road cleared by Culpeper County near Conway’s Qtr … ordered road be cleared by male tithables at Joshua Jackson and William Jackson (listed among others). [Orange Orders 1762-1763 p. 709]

1763, May 19 Ann Powell and Wiliam Walker appt’d Admin’s John Powell dec’d. William Twyman, Thomas Burbage, Thomas Rucker & Nathan Underwood appt’d appraisers. [Culp. Deed Bk D, p. 328]

1763 (no date) Suit Thomas Shackleford agst Thomas Jackson dismissed [Or Orders 1762-3 p. 22]

1764, Sept 11 James Coursey to William Kendall, one Negro named Jack … wit: John Bell, William Jackson, John (X) Jackson. [Orange Deed Book 13 p. 485]

1764, Sept 13 Joshua Lindsay, gdn to orphans of Thomas Jackson rendered an acct of his gdn’ship. [Caroline OB 1764-1765 p. 245]

1764, Sept 27 will Thomas (T) Jackson of St. Thomas Parish, Orange Co. was presented by David and Joshua Jackson, Executors and proved by witnesses William Rucker and Charles Neall to the will dated Oct 15, 1760. Unto son Joshua one Negro Ned; whole estate to wife Margaret Jackson … sons David and Joshua executors … divided equally amongst my children after Legacies .. to son Joshua one Negro Jude; to son Joseph one Negro Jenn. To my grandson Joshua one bay mare Dugg and my bridle & saddle; after the decease of Thomas and Margaret Jackson his wife, likewise two negro boys Michael & Tobe. [Orange o. Will Bk 2 p. 352-3] Appr’s William Scott, John White, William Kendall. [Will Bk 2 p. 355-6]

1764, Oct 16 William Jackson to Ann Rogers all my right and part of my Father, Thomas Jackson, decease etc. (signed) William Jackson. Wit: Wm Russell, Wm McDonagh, Wm (X) Massey, Joshua (X) Jackson, George Anderson [Orange Deed Bk 13, p. 470]

1764, Nov 15 David and Susanah Jackson of County of David (sic) to James Collins of Culpeper … 118 acres on Crooked Run … west of George Eastham's line … [Culp Deed Bk D p. 577-9]

1764. Dec 15 Thos Chew of Orange Co. to Thomas Rucker of Culpeper, planter, … 11 acres .. I verbally gave to Thomas Rucker dec'd but never recorded which being included in deed of gift made from Thomas Rucker dec'd to Thomas Rucker Jr. his son …wit: William Rucker, Malden Rucker, John (x) Peeble [Culpeper Deed Bk D p. 653-5]

1764 Amelia Co tax list David, Isaac, James & Thomas Tinsley on Ward’s list for Raleigh Parish between Flatt & Deep Creeks. The Ruckers are on Wm Archer’s list for Raleigh Parish above Flatt Cr. Joseph Jackson (who I believe is son of Thomas (T) Jackson) isn't found on an extant list for this year.

1765 - 1769

1765, Jan 10 John Jackson, orphan of Thomas Jackson, made choice of William Daniell as his gdn who gave bond. [Caroline OB 1764-1765 p. 325] 1765 "John Jackson (son of Thomas & Phebe) became ward of William Daniel" [Pamunkey Neighbors] Appendix to Pamunkey Neighbors: Orphans of Thomas Jackson were John, Thomas and Mary. [ Linda note: Thomas Jackson dec'd was son of Thomas (T) Jackson died 1764 and Margaret.]

1765, May 23 Bill of sale (security for mortgage) Negroes Rice Curtis to John Stewart of Fredericksburg wit: Thomas Jackson, Robert McClure. [Orange Deed Bk 14, p. 90]

1765, June 27 William and Mary Jackson … to David Vawter "all claim to part of estate Thomas Rucker dec’d our child’s part" (signed) William Jackson, Mary (x) Jackson. Wit: William Kendall, Robert Cave. [Orange Deed Bk 14 p. 16-17]

1765, Aug 8 Joshua Lindsay returned acct of his Gdn’ship of Orphans of Thomas Jackson dec’d [Caroline OB 1765-1767. Linda note: Wm Daniell should present acct for John]

1765, Aug 14 William and Mary Pearce of Bromfield Parish to Stephen Souther … 150 acres in fork of Stanton and Conway Rivers … wit: Richard and William Vawter, Jeremiah Pearce and James Rucker [Culpeper Deed Bk D p. 720-22]

1765 Orange Co. tithables: Jackson Estate 10

1765, Oct 1 Shem and Ann Cooke of Amelia to James Seay … 200 acs bounded by William Foster, John Butler, Thomas Wingo, Hurts Cr. Wit: Edmund Booker, William Ford, Wm Hurt [A DB 8, p. 702]

1766 Orange Co. tithables: David Jackson 3; Margaret Jackson 2; Joshua Jackson 3

1767, Mar 13 William Jackson agst Charles Carter’s Exors .. suit dismised by return. [Caroline OB 1765-1767 p. 449] James Emmerson agst William Jackson .. debt .. discontinued. [OB p. 453]

1767, Apr 24 Thomas Munford to William Rucker … 350 acs branches of Sandy Cr, part of land formerly gtd James Quarls .. bounded by Bentley. No witnesses [Amelia Deed Bk 9, p. 128]

1767 Orange Co. tithables: Joshua Jackson 4; David Jackson 3

1768, Mar Phillip Tinsley called to Caroline Co. Court for ‘holding unauthorized divine services in his home in Drysdale Parish; also William Tinsley for attending said services. [Colonial Caroline: A History of Caroline Co. VA by Campbell]

1768, March 10 Harry Winslow agst William Jackson .. debt.. case argued by attys .. case dismissed and Court ordered deft to recover costs. [Caroline OB 1767-1768 p. 115]

1768, June 11 William Whitlock to pay John Wily for three days attendance for him agt Jackson [Caroline OB 1767-1768 p. 187] William Whitlock agst William Jackson – trespass, assault & battery. Jury sides with pltf who is to recover damages and costs. [page 189]

1768, July 2 William Mercy of Aug. Co. to Thomas Shakelford of Orange … on waters of James River, formerly belonging to Ambrose Stogill … 222 acres bounded by Francis William in the county line .. Mr. Jackson .. Mr. Robert Jackson .. Col. Braxton .. [Orange Deed Bk 15 p. 14-16] Shackleford sold this tract 1773. [Orange Bk 16, p 202-3]

1768, Aug 12 John McGrah agst William Jackson – trespass, assault & battery. Jury finds deft guilty, and Court orders him to pay damages and costs. [Caroline OB 1767-1768 p. 224] McGrah to pay John Wild for attending four days as evidence agst Jackson. [p226]

1768 Orange Co. tithables: Joshua Jackson 4; David Jackson 5

1770 - 1779

1770 Testimony given by Thomas and Isaac Tinsley and James and Josiah Lea in suit Tinsley et al vs [Jane] Hurt [Amelia Chancery record, case dismissed Mar 1783]. Within this record Thomas identifies Isaac as his father and Isaac identifies Thomas as his son.

1771, Mar 28 Executors estate Francis Kirtley of Culpeper dec’d to John Jackson of same .. 142 acres in Orange on Conway River … Pecosny Fork. (no wit) [Orange Deeds 15, p. 304-6]

1771, May 23 William Rucker of Raleigh Parish to Joseph Jackson of same … 150 acs in Raleigh Parish with all bldgs wit: Thomas Ellis, Peter Claybrook. [Amelia DBk 9, 10, 11 p. 266] William Rucker to Peter Claybrook … 60 acs being part of land sd Rucker now lives on & adj land sd Claybrook lives on. Hannah, wife of William relinq dower. [page 266 Deed Bk 9, 10, 11]

1771, May 23 Thomas Jackson of Pr Edward Co. sold 200 acres on Little Saylor's Crk to Edward Mitchell … wit: Jaspar Pillow, Geo. Webster and Joseph Ray. [Amelia Co. Deed Bk 11, p. 274]

1771, June 15 William and Sarah Kirtley of Culpeper to Joshua Jackson … 176 acres on the Conway River … West side Terril’s Bluff … Br of Conway River … wit: Hugh Roberts, Francis Kirtley Jr., Jeremiah Kirtley [Culpeper Co. Deed Bk F p. 324-5]

1772, 26 Mar 1772 settlement estate accounts John Plunkett by Isaac Rucker, administrator and guardian. Payments made to "Isaac Rucker for his wife's portion of the Negroes hire." [Orange Co. Will Bk 2 p. 447]

1773, Nov 13 James and Ann Rogers of Culpeper to Joshua Jackson … 103 acres on the Stanton River … bounded in Charles Neal’s line .. to John Simpson’s line on river bank .. side of Neals Mt … sd Neals line now Henry Downs Jr … wit: William Walker, William Kirtley, James Rucker, John Offill. [Culpeper Co. Deed Bk G, p. 100-103]

1776, Sept 2 death John Rucker per Minute Men muster roll of Capt. Nicholas Cabell of Buckingham Districct, Amherst County. [MVG vol. 31, Nov 1993, No. 4 p. 271]

1777, Aug 8 Thomas Tinsley of Prince Edward Co. VA to Joshua Chaffin … 200 acres in Amelia…branch of Bent …along Hurtt .. [[Amelia Co. Deed Book 14, p. 145]

1777, Aug 28 Inv estate Isaac Tinsley ordered by Amelia Co. Court. His will, dated May 13, 1776 names wife Margaret and ‘children’. Executors: William Ford, Joseph Jackson and Joshua Chaffin. He mentions he is a member of the Baptist Church of Christ on Sandy Creek in Amelia Co. Apprs: Alexander Walker, Isham Clement & Richard Phillips. [Amelia Will Bk 2, 1771-80, p. 235] .

1777 death of Thomas Tinsley of Amelia Co. VA [Chancery Records division estate May Court 1785]

1777, Sept 8 John and Ann Jackson of Culpeper to Henry Shorter … 100 acres .. West side Terrell’s Bluff .. North side Conway River .. (signed) Joshua (mark) Jackson, wit: William Walker, Thomas Stockdell, John Jackson. [Culpeper Co. Deed Bk H p. 620-622]

1777-1779 James Tinsley, orphan of Thomas Tinsley, being of sufficient age …made choice of Wm Ford for his guardian .. sd Ford with Joshua Chaffin his security .. bond L2000 [Amelia Co.Order Book 1776-1780, p. 148]

1778, Jan 27 Joseph (X) Jackson of Amelia to James Meglasson … 200 acs on B/S of br of Sandy Cr adj lines Joseph Turner, Nathaniel Vassor, Peter Claybrook, Henry Meader, wit: John Ford, Joshua Chaffin, Paulin Anderson, Moses Eudaly. Wife of sd Jackson relinq dower. [Amelia Deed Bk 14, p. 264]

1779, January Court James Tinsley by William Ford his next friend, John Morton & Tabitha, David Tanner and Maider, Ransom, William, Angelica, Thomas, David, Isaac and Jane Tinsley by Joshua Chaffin vs Mary Tinsley, Admx of Thomas Tinsley deceased. [Amelia Order Bk 1776-1780, p. 251-2. Thus we have a list of children of Thomas and Mary ( ) Tinsley.]

1779, Nov 5 Joshua and Anne Jackson of Culpeper to Ann Rogers of Orange Co. … 76 acres … on Conway River … along side Terrell’s Bluff … (signed) Joshua (his mark) Jackson, wit: William Walker, William Rucker, Joel Early. [Culpeper Co. Deed Bk K, p 46-7]

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