Snead / Sneed  Reports

Ancestry "The Sneed Ancestry Part I" by Richard "Dick" Baldauf spring 2002. A listing of the earliest Sneeds in Virginia records, including Susan Snead who married Thomas Reynolds.

BenjWife  "Benjamin Sneed (1721-1819): The Wife" by Richard "Dick" Baldauf April 2002 provides the latest findings on Mary Ann Perry.

Biography "A Short Biography of Benjamin Sneed, the First Tutor of Thomas Jefferson" by Richard Baldauf, 2005. Part I of three. (Links to pdf files of Baldauf's relationship charts have been added to the document for easy viewing of that material.)

BioNotes Part II of "A Short Biography of Benjamin Sneed" above. Contains detailed footnotes keyed to the text in Part I, including extracts from Jefferson's Memorandum. A link to a pdf of Baldau's "Trader's Chart" has been added to the document. 

BioDescen Part III of "A Short Biography of Benjamin Sneed" above. A list of known descendants, followed by an Appendix that includes notes from Hanover and Goochland County records and pdf file of relationship charts.

Bldfntes "Dick Baldauf's Observations" MAY 1996. He discusses the SNEAD connections to early REYNOLDS and JOHNSON families as well as later CLARK and MOORMANs. Details his JOHNSON / MIMS line with connections to LANKFORD and Francis CLARK Sr. Attempts to define the relationship between Michael and Edward JOHNSON.

Bnjsned2 "Benjamin SNEED" by Richard "Dick" Baldauf AUG 1998. Dick's latest findings supports the theory Mary Ann Perry was the first and only wife of Benjamin Sneed (1721-1819). It's a followup to BENJSNED.txt.

BsBros "Benjamin Sneed (1721-1819): The Brothers" by Richard 'Dick' Baldauf, March 2002. This is a compilation of data on several individual Sneeds who may / may not be the siblings of his Benjamin. More research is needed, but this is a good start.

Explosnd "The SNEAD/SNEED Family: An Exploratory Discussion" OCT 1996. Discusses similarities and differences between two major books about the descendants of Samuel and Alice.

Engsneed        Brief comments re: SNEEDs of Keele and possible links to Virginia SNEAD/SNEED families.

Benjsned "A Commentary on Benjamin SNEED" NOV 1996. Don't let the title fool you; he discusses earlier SNEEDS not picked up in early genealogies.

Sneed A definitive report for Benjamin Sneed (1721-1819) by Richard "Dick" Baldauf, February 2002. Discusses the supporting evidence for this Benjamin, his wife and children, ending with a brief discussion of Sneed ancestry.

SneedFam 2008 update by Dick Baldauf on the family of Benjamin Sneed: his five accepted children and his possible relationship to William born 1768 (or 1775).  The section titled Commentary beginning on page 13 includes genealogical charts of other colonial SNEED / SNEAD families. Their relationship to Benjamin, if any, hasn't been ascertained as of summer 2008. 

SneedObits    Obituary of Benjarmin Sneed, printed in the Danville Tribune.

SneedInfo Assorted data on "other" SNEED / SNEAD families in Virginia, collected over the years by Dick Baldauf.  As of 2008 no relationship between these and Benjamin has been found. A definit