Hodge-Podge Reports

Recent additions:

"Anthony and Margaret (?Douglas) Haden of Goochland County, Virginia:  Part I--Tradition vs Facts" by Kay Haden; updated January 2013.  As the title indicates, a good discussion of what parts of the traditional account is supported by documentation.

"Anthony and Margaret (?Douglas) Haden of Goochland County, Virginia:  Part II--Their Children" by Kay Haden; updated January 2013.  Discusses the documentation, pro and con, for all purported children, clearly ruling out several who belong to other Haden lines.

"William Haden of Goochland County, Virginia and Logan County, Kentucky:  Who Were His Wives?" by Kay Haden, updated January 2013.  Two wives are proven: Ann "Nancy" Johnson and Sarah Johnston.  Mary LeMert, as a wife of this William Haden, is disproven.  His purported marriage to Judith or Jane Moorman remains elusive.

Aprhdgpd "April Hodge-Podge" MAY 1996. Discusses possible connections with other New Kent Co. families: MASSIE, TANDY, BIRD, BATHURST, WILSON, ROGERS. The first discussion of CLARKs in England with ANTHONY and MOORMAN in Isle of Wight. Also discussion of McKENEY in Barbados with CLARKs.

Besseindxcom Comments on the Besse Index of Quakers who were arrested 1650-1689 with follow up comments about Dr. Lorand Johnson's work by LSS, July 2003

July96 "Commentary from my CLARK/MOORMAN Pile" JUL 1996. Discusses possible TERRELL and TANDY connections. Much information on Eltham and West Point areas of New Kent Co.with history of Blisland Parish and the significance of this to the study of these families. Also includes: "Thomas CLARKE, Possible Father of Christopher" which was redone in aprdoug.txt.

McKeney "MacKENEY CONNECTIONS ???" APR 1996. Discusses connections of New Kent and Henrico Co. McKENEYs to various CLARKs, TANDYs, MASSIEs, WATSONs and JOHNSONs. Also covers connections in Barbados.

Mrmhdgpg "Hodge-Podge of MOORMAN and CANDLER" MAY 1996. Discusses Thomas MOORMAN, the "grocer" and looks at what George Fox really said in his diary about the Quakers he stayed with at Somerton. At the end is more CANDLER data from Cromwell's Army units and the CANDLER coat of arms.

Qkrsmamer "Quakerism in America" by Ed Marsh MAR 1999. Background discussion based on Jay Worrell's The Friendly Virginians.

Tidbits "Hodge-Podge of CLARKs" APR 1996. Discusses the ages of people from records when they were ordered to do things; gives statistics on life spans and make-up of households during the 17th century. Also includes a discussion of NC CLARKs.

VaHdrights "Virginia Headrights Explanation," June 2004, is an extraction of the discussion on the rootsweb VA-Southside list, and also provides a list of additional sources for further study.