Quaker Records

Records of Various Meetings of the Religious Society of Friends

Quaker Mtg Hs LynchburgPlease Note: Suzanne Johnston gets full credit for this project of providing "full and complete" transcriptions of the records of various Meetings. Other published works have omitted or incorrectly quoted large portions of the records. Reading the month-by-month minutes of meetings makes for a much clearer picture of the life of those people who, like Patricia Stanley to whom I dedicate this section, "walked in the light." Special thanks go to all the transcribers and proofreaders. We couldn't do this without you wonderful people. But as any good genealogist knows, transcribers are only human. One of the cardinal rules in genealogy is to check the original records and decide for yourself if something says what the transcriber recorded. These transcriptions are shared freely, BUT the individual transcriber does hold the copyright to his/her work. So please remember to give full credit to whomever did the transcription work! The repository that provided the specific film used for each transcription is duly noted, and that should also be included in citations to these transcriptions.

Early on we learned repositories usually don't have the full set of microfilm rolls for all meetings, and if they do, they may be reluctant to make copies or lend out reels to individuals. LDS is one source for most of the records, and some microfilm rolls are available through interlibrary loan. I want to make special mention of the Maryland State Archives. We used their matching fund partnership program that allows the general public to order any microfilm of the Friends Meetings records for $40 per roll. (2005)  Film is then posted on the Archives' server for at least a year "for private or fair educational purposes." -- LKSS


Henrico County Monthly Meetings 1699-1757   Transcription by Suzanne Johnston; Microsoft Word file format.

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