Westlawn Cemetery, Dekalb, MO

Special thanks to David and Wanda Saile of Topeka, Kansas for locating these cemeteries and sharing the photos with us.
Westlawn Short description of the cemetery and difficulty of finding on of the stones
Photo ID's Transcription of tombstones by David and Wanda Sailes
Geo W Potter Tomb George W. Potter, son of Thomas and Celia
Gate Entrance to Westlawn Cemetery
Infant Potter Son of Andrew Jackson and Sarah (Womach) Potter, buried in his grandparent's (Allen and Eliza Jane Womach) plot
Isabell Potter Isabell (Barnes), first wife of James Henry Potter
Allen Womach Allen Womach (Jr), son of Allen Sr. d. 1846 and Eliza Jane (Snowden)
Francis Womach Francis Marion Womach, son of Allen Jr. and Eliza Jane; 1st husband of Emma Coats
Oliver Womach Son of Allen Jr. and Eliza J. Womach
William Womach Son of Allen Jr. and Eliza J.
Saloon Dekalb George W. was killed in a saloon brawl; this is the empty lot where the saloon was located and the building next door
Coats Marker Thomas W. Coats married Melissa J. Womach, daughter of Allen Jr. and Eliza