Old Frank Cemetery, Breckinridge County, Kentucky

Joe Shrewsberry located the cemetery in 1988 on the Dyer farm, and gained permission to take the Oklahoma cousins to the site. He also provided a chainsaw and other necessities for getting through the heavy brush to see the tombstones.

OldFrankCem This picture shows Joe leading Glendon (Hebbe) Starr, one of the Oklahoma cousins, through the brush to the cemetery.
OldFrankCem2 And this shows the condition of the cemetery in October 1988, the time of their visit.

GLBall2 G . L. Ball
Born Mar. 31, 1809
Died Aug. 8, 1888
[Son of John Ball and Aley (Withers)]
Frankstones Andrew Frank           Susan E. Frank
Apr. 21, 1826           Sept. 12, 1832   
May 28, 1884            Jan. 27, 1923