Dover Cemetery, Newton County, GA

Go north from Oxford, GA on Highway 81 a little over a mile, then left on Gum Creek Road. About 3/4 to one mile along Gum Creek Road, take a sharp left turn onto Dover Road. Go about three car lengths and look over your right shoulder; you should see the cemetery at this point. We parked next to the driveway of the nearby house in the "iimpression of a lane" running along the side of the cemetery. This cemetery really needs to be transcribed while some stones are still visible.
Dover 1 Five upright Starr family stones are located near the top of the cemetery. Samuel Starr's is the one to the right as you look at this picture.
Dover 2 "Samuel Starr, son of Henry and Mary Starr, was born in Wilkes Co. Ga. Oct 14th 1794 and died in Oxford Ga Aug 19th 1859. He was a good citizen and in the War of 1814 fought bravely in the battles of Antossee and Obalebee. When the war closed he became a soldier of Jesus Christ in whose service he continued until called to his reward in the 65th year of his age. He triumphed in his Last Conflict and rests from his labors. He was a honest man, a Methodist of the Wesleyan sort and a _____ Christian living by rule and adorning his profession. ___" [The next three or four lines were unreadable.]
Dover 3 "Here lies the Remains of Hannah, wife of Samuel Starr, and daughter of Richard and Martha Melear born in Wilkes Co. Ga Nov 19, 1794 died Mar 27, 1856."
Dover 4 The stones of Silas and Hannah in the forefront and then their daughters.
Dover 5 Another view of the Samuel Starr plot:
"Here rests Martha Head Shell, wife of Charles C. Shell, daughter of Samuel and Hannah Starr ___ died July 20, [1833 or 1834]" [They Followed the Sun gives her middle name as "Reid," but it looked to us more like "Head."]
"Amelia Hannah Leak, wife of Newton B. Leak and daughter of Samuel and Hannah Starr. Born Habersham Co. Ga June 23 [?] 1823 died March 21, 1845" [Sun shows birth as June 20, 1826 and death March 23, 1848.]
"____  ____ wife of Leonard Brown, daughter Samuel and Hannah Starr, born ___ died ____  [Sun shows her name as Mary Ann; born Nov. 13, 1820 and died Aug. 24, 1844.]
[Family records have a forth daughter for Samuel and Hannah -- Rebecca Hannah, born Oct. 25, 1829, died Nov. 26, 1905.  She married Joseph S. Stewart. I don't remember those stones at Dover but they may be there.]
Dover 6 Another view of  Dover Cemetery.