County Line UMC Cemetery, Spalding County, Georgia

From highway 41, 19 and 3, south of Sunnyside, turn west onto Birdie Road at the Pomona intersection. From Birdie Road turn right onto County Line Church Road. The cemetery is located behind the church building. These pictures were taken in October 2003:

Original tombstone for Atha [Carroll] Pinkston Jarrett

DAR stone to commemorate the service of Atha's husband Shadrack Pinkston in Washington's honor guard ["commander in chief's life guards"]. Atha and Shadrack were the parents of Charlotte [Pinkston] Starr.

Benjamin Starr stone: "In memory Benjamin Starr Who was born in Wilkes Co. Ga Jan 29 A.D. 1785 Converted to God in 1799 Departed This Life Dec 21, 1851 Funeral was preached by Rev A. Dorman July 25, 1852 From Phil 3 Chap 21 verse" [The RSV translation: "For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain."]

John Henry Starr and his two wives are buried in this plot. John Henry was a son of Benjamin and Charlotte [Pinkston].

Mary [Elder], wife of John Henry Starr, daughter of Joshua Elder and Annie [Gray].

John Henry Starr's stone.

Ellen Athay [Ogletree], daughter of Thomas Ogletree and Nemesis [Bennett]. [In Greek mythology, Nemesis was the goddess of divine retribution and vengeance.]

Hilliard M. Starr, another son of Benjamin and Charlotte. For a time he owned Starr's Mill.

Hilliard M and wife Martha [Doss].

A. E. [Alia Kirk] Starr, wife of Benjamin and mother of Jesse H.

Jesse H. Starr (1837 - 1864), son of Benjamin and Alia.

Ella [Hancock] Starr, wife of Jesse H.

Ann [Starr] Dixon, daughter of Wm. David Starr.

Elnor Beatrice Starr

Frances  [Starr], wife of Hope Hull Ogletree and daughter of Benjamin and Charlotte.

Charlotte Pinkston Ogletree

Frances Kisiah Ogletree

Hope Hull Ogletree [Jr.]

Martha Marenda [Ogletree] Elder Thomas

Absalom Ogletree (1778 - 1846)

Absalom Ogletree (1812 - ?1910)

Amanda G. [Terry] Ogletree

Martha Ann [Harper] Ogletree

The Joshua Elder plot

Joshua Elder, father of Mary Starr

Annie G. [Gray] Elder

Rev. John H. Elder, son of Joshua and Annie

Rev. Elder stone in a closer view.

J. W. Elder (1854 - 1924)