Deeds, Wills and Patents Which Identify

MARTHA's Family

compiled by Linda Sparks Starr August 2007

1664 bef October 2 Edward Tryar was transported by Capt. John Savadge [Patent Bk 5 p. 401; C&P vol. 1 p. 524]

1678 June 2 Mr. Eusebius King, plaintiff has judgment against Emanuel Albery for marrying the relict [widow] of Wm Traylor defendant for 740 lbs tobacco due by bill. [Charles City Co. Order Book 1676-1679, p. __, Ayres per Peggy Thompson]

1682 before April 20 Edward Traylor's way to Virginia was paid by Mr. John Richards [PBk 7 p. 126; C&P vol. 2 p. 229]

1689 October Court: Upon peticon of Martha, the Relict of Jno. Davis dec'd That her sd late husband dyed intestate & left an estate under ye value of an Adm'con She is untill ye next Court app'd trustee of (for wch Geo: Archer enters himself secy) and It is Order'd that in ye interim ye sd Estate be appriz'd & acct thereof then returned where such care will be taken as ye law requires. [Henrico Records, Book 2, p. 238; MVG vol. 32 p. 24; 31] Inventory of Davis' estate was appraised by Mr. Tho: Botte, Mr. Tho: Batte Jr., Mr. Godf: Ragsdale and Mr. Geo: Archer November 15, 1689. The value of the estate presented by Mrs. Martha Davis was 3176 lbs tob. Recorded December 2, 1689. [Orders Bk 1678-1693 p. 101; Weisiger p. 26]

1690 February 10 Martha Davis Relict of John Davis dec'd last Court prtending that ye estate of ye sd dec'd:t was under ye value of an Adm'con the contrary of wch now appearing ... Order'd that an Adm'con be granted on ye sd Estate ... to Martha ... granted Provided she give security according to law. Geo: Archer in open Court enters himself security for Martha Davis' due adm'con according to law on ye estate of her dec'd Husband. [Henrico Records Bk 2 p. 244]

1690 April 1 John Porter, who married adm'x of John Davis dec'd, appeared to say he had in his hands as guardian, the estate of Francis [Davis] son of the dec'd to be delivered to him at age 16. [Weisiger p. 28; Henrico Court Orders Bk p. 116]

1690 April 19 Martha, relict of John Davis who died intestate, appt'd adm'x [Henrico Wills & Deeds Bk 3 1688-1697 p. 119; Weisiger p. 28]

1694 November 8 Judgment granted Wm Downes against William Traler for 300 lbs tobacco [for] non-appearance; ditto Richard Jones. [Weisiger p. 190; Charles City Co. Court Orders p. 533]

1694 December 4 John Tralo hath order against Downes for 2 days attendance as witness, 80 lbs tobacco. [Weisiger p. 196; Charles City Co. Court Orders p. 547]

1695 December 5 marriage Will Traylor and Judith Archer; surety Peter Jones. [Lindsay p. 631]

1701 October 24 William Traylor 700 acres Henrico Co., Bristol Parish, north side Appamattuck River above Mr. George Archer. [Patent Bk 9, p. 407; C&P vol. 3, p. 53]

 1701/2 John Traylor served in the Charles City Co. militia with James Thweatt. [Bockstruck p. 216]

1702 December 1 George Archer of Bristol Parish, Henrico Co. to James Thweat Jr. ... of Charles City Co., for love & affection to his son-in-law William Traylor and Judith his wife, daughter of said George, land on north side of Appomattox River in same parish, bounded by the river, Fleets Run, Porters Spring branch, John Porter; being all of said George's land on southwest side of Fleets Run, in trust to said James Thweatt for use of said William and Judith Traylor, for life and after that for use of their heirs. Wit: James Thweatt Jr., Charles Roberts, Henry Walthall. /s/ Geo. Archer, Eliz. (A) Archer. [Weisiger p. 124; Henrico Deeds & Wills 1697-1704 p. 302]

1702 December 1 William Traylor of Bristol Parish, Henrico Co. to Edward Traylor of Bristol Parish, planter, for £5, 100 acres in Bristol Parish on north side Appomattox River, next to George Archer, being part of a patent to said William October 14, 1702. Wit: James Thweatt Jr., Cha. Roberts, Henry Walthall. /s/ Wm (x) Traylor, Judith Traylor. Judith, wife of William, relinquished her dower right. [Weisiger p. 124; Henrico Co. Deeds & Wills 1697-1704 p. 303]

1704 William Traylor taxed on 730 acres and Edward Traylor on 100 acres [Henrico Co. Quit Rent Rolls]

1704 May 30 William Traylor of Henrico Co. for £6 to John Porter, land on north side Appomattox River, bounded by Edward Traylor, Porters branch and the river, 100 acres. Wit: Pet. Field, Tho. Edwards. /s/ William (x) Traylor [Weisiger p. 132; Henrico Deeds Etc. 1697-1704 p. 401]

1706 June 29 William Traylor to William Garret 100 acres on the Appomattox River. [Weisiger p. 63; Chesterfield Co. Deed Bk 5 p. 546. LSS note: original deed was not recorded, but this information was found within the September 4, 1767 Chesterfield Co. deed John Andrews of Dale Parish to his son Lewis.]

1722 February 27 date will John Porter of Bristol Parish. To wife Martha, which now is all my land and plantation for life, and then to be divided between George Traylor and George Foord. Rest of estate to wife. Son-in-law William Haskins to be executor. Wit: William Traylor, Jno. Granger. Recorded November 5, 1722. [Misc. Henrico Court Records 1650-1807, Part II p. 553; Weisiger p. 168]

1725 April 15 will date Martha Porter. To son William Traylor all my estate and to be executor, sole. Wit: William Kennon, John Traylor. Recorded April 4, 1726. [Weisiger p. 108; Henrico Wills & Deeds Bk 1725-1737 p. 11]

1729 October 15 date will George Archer Sr. of Bristol Parish ... son George to let Mary Basford to live peaceably upon the plantation I live on for life. To daughters Judith Traylor .... 10 shillings each. ... Recorded December 1731. [Weisiger p. 129; Henrico Deeds & Wills 1725-1737 p. 320]

1735 August 1 Edward Traylor 395 acres in Prince George Co. in the Fork of Mawhipponock Creek adjacent Leadbitor Jones. [Patent Bk 16 p. 109; C&P vol. 4 p. 81] LSS note: This Edward is son of Martha's son Edward Traylor.

1738 January 2 Edward Traylor 392 acres in Henrico Co. on both sides Middle creek, adjacent Samuel Good. [Patent Bk 17 p. 447; C&P vol. 4 p. 149] LSS note: This Edward is son of Martha's son William.

1739 March Court: George Traylor, Elizabeth Traylor and George Ford to John Dickerson deed. [Henrico Court Orders 1737-1744 p. 97; Weisiger p. 83] LSS note: This is the tract George Traylor and George Ford per the will of John Porter.

1742 December 22 date will William Haskins. To Frederick Ford, son of Matthew Ford, the plantation where I live. To William Ford, son of Matthew Ford, negroes. To Mary Grigg, wife of Abner Grigg, a negro. To George Traylor a negro. To Martha Spain, wife of Thomas Spain, a negro. To Hugh Bragg, a negro and items. To my cousins Mary Tucker, wife of John Tucker, a negro. To my brother William Traylor 1 shilling. To my brother Edward Traylor 1 shilling. To Mary Basford 1 shilling. All the rest to Thomas Spain and George Traylor, equally, and they to be executors. Wit: William Hamlin, John Spain, William Spain. Recorded May 1745. [Henrico Wills & Deeds 1744-1748 p. 24; Weisiger p. 21]

1745 May 14 William Traylor of Henrico Co., planter, to Edward Traylor of same, for £30, 317 acres bounded by first branch of Wintopock, Peter Worsham and said William Traylor. Wit: George Archer, Joseph Traylor, Peter Worsham. /s/ William (+) Traylor. [Weisiger p. 17; Henrico Wills & Deeds 1744-1748 p. 71]

1745 July 27 William Trayler of Henrico Co. to Humphrey Trayler, son of said William, for love & affection 400 acres on Appomattox River, part of tract of 700 acres taken up by said William, and is the lower end. The other 300 acres being disposed of by said William to Edward Trayler, John Porter and William Garret. It is land said Humphrey lives on. Wit: Will Cousins, Thomas Dance, Thomas Bott. /s/ William (x) Trayler. [Weisiger pages 15-16; Henrico Co. Wills & Deeds 1744-1748 p. 63]

1746 October 27 William Traylor of Dale Parish, Henrico Co., to Joel Traylor, son of William Traylor Jr. of same for £5, 317 acres granted said William Traylor by patent October 13, 1737, bounded by Richard Eppes, Richard Kennon, Edward Traylor, Peter Worsham and John Hammon. Wit: Thomas (N) Neale, Joseph Blankenship, William Watkins. /s/ William (x) Traylor. [Weisiger p. 39; Henrico Wills & Deeds 1744-1748 p. 250]

1750 January 29 Edward Tralar of Prince George Co., Gent., to Joseph Dickerson of same, Gent., for £11, land in Dale Parish on Appomattox River 100 acres bounded as within lines of Thomas Andrews, Richard Andrews and John Dyer and the river. Wit: Joseph Holgross, Richard (x) Dickerson, John Dickerson. Mary (her circled X mark) Traler. [Chesterfield Co. Deeds Bk 1, p. 284; Weisiger p. 26] LSS note: This is Martha's grandson selling the tract he inherited from her son (his father) Edward.

1750 August 25 William Tralour of Chesterfield Co. to John Tralour of same for £5, 1000 acres bounded by Nooning Creek, Col. Kennon, Godfrey Fowler, Peter Worsham and Edward Tralour. Wit: John Bullington, Archer (x) Tralour, John Ward. [Weisiger p. 17; Chesterfield Deeds Bk 1 p. 175]

1753 February 21 William Traylor of Chesterfield Co. to Joseph Traylor, his son, for love & affection, plantation I live on and another parcel as by patent August 17, 1725 and all my ready money, household goods, stock and cattle; except negro girl Doll, about 8 years old, in possession of my son John Traylor and my old negro fellow Jack, who I give to my son Humphrey after my death. Wit: Tho. (N) Neal, Abram (A) Dunnifant, John Ward. Recorded March 2, 1753. [Weisiger p. 32; Chesterfield Deeds Bk 1 p. 365]




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