In his 1742 will William left a negro "To my cousin Mary Tucker, wife of John Tucker." There are too many "John" Tuckers in the area during this time period for me to attempt to identify this specific couple. Clearly Mary is kin to William Haskins -- specifically a cousin. But without her surname we are at a loss to discover the link between them.

Surely Mary's husband is closely kin to the John Tucker who died in Amelia County before July 1741. At that court session Francis and Sarah Tucker, orphans of John Tucker deceased, chose William Traylor as their guardian and their brother John chose John Waller to be his guardian. Waller and Traylor then co-signed the security bonds for the other as guardian of these orphans. All the orphans chose their guardians, thus were over 14 years old in 1741. My first thought was this deceased John was "cousin Mary's" husband. But the names and ages of the above orphans best fit children of John and Ann Tucker whose births were recorded in the Bristol Parish Register: Sarah (born January 12, 1722); John (born Sept 9, 1724) "____" daughter (born "___"); and Francis (born January 3, 1726).

The births for children of John and Mary Tucker were entered in the same Bristol Parish Register: Amy (born August 23, 1726); David (born Sept 25, 1730);

Isham (born Febrary 1, 1732) and Joseph (born November 14, 1732). An Abraham Tucker (born January 22, 1734) was son of John, but his mother's name was torn from the register book. I leave it to TUCKER family researchers to place Abraham into the right family group and also to determine if this Mary, wife of John Tucker is the same person as "cousin Mary" mentioned in the Haskins will.