Linda's Biographical Compendium
of Ancestry of Glendon Jean Starr

Copyright 2014 Linda Sparks Starr

This is a table of contents for the several PDF files that originally were in one large file.
In these articles, "you" should be read as meaning a descendant of Glendon Jean Starr.

Group One

William Mason Miller and Mary C. (Ball)
Marvel N. Jordan and Mary Ann "Polly" (Claycomb)
Christopher "Christley" Miller and Sarah Jane "Jenny" (Short)
William Ball and Martha (Brumfield)
George Lewis Ball and Mary "Polly" (Jolly)
John Ball and Alcy (Withers)
John Roades and Elizabeth (? Jessup)
Capt. John Ball and Sarah Ellen (Payne)
Joseph Brumfield Ball and Sarah "Sally" (Jolly)

Group Two

William B. Clark and Eleanor "Ellen" (Pate)
William Withers and Elizabeth (Hord)
Absalom Jordan and Mary Ann
Thomas Martin Clark and Mildred "Milly" (Moorman)
Thomas Brumfield and Susannah
James Withers and Elizabeth (Keene)
Simon Miller
Jonas Jordan and Winefred
William Lewis Miller and Nancy Allen "Nannie" (Jordan)
William "Billy" Miller and Eliza Jane (Clark)
Sashwell Jordan and Nancy Allen (Dent)
John Roades and Hannah (Wilcox)
William Grayson Jordan and Sarah Alice (Ball)
William Payne and Mary (? Ball)
Micajah Clark Jr. and Mildred (Martin)
Micajah Clark Sr. and Judith (Adams)
Captain Symon Miller

Group Three

Barnabas Willcox and Sarah
Nicholas Rice and Mary Ann Marilda Elizabeth (Hickman)
Adam Barr and Mary (Claycomb)
Kleckham Ancestors in Germany
Nelson Jolly Sr. and Mary (Graham)
Martin Wildman and Ann (Ward)
Henry Nelson and Alice (Wildman)
The Moorman Legend
Christopher Clark and Penelope (Johnson)

Group Four
John Ball and Sarah (Roads)
Conrad Claycomb and Nancy Ann (Ahl)
Baltzer Claycomb and Catherine (Rice)
Thomas Martin and Ann (Moorman)
John Payne and Margaret
George Payne and (Jane? White)
Nelson Jolly Jr. and Barbara Claycomb (Barr)
Johann Conrad Kleckham and Anna Elisabeth (Lutzen)
Samuel Jolly and Letitia (Nelson)
Charles Moorman and Elizabeth (Reynolds)
Possible Reynolds and Snead Lineage
Edward Johnson and Elizabeth
Andrew Moorman and Judith (Clark) 
Achilles Moorman and Elizabeth (Addams)
Robert Addams and Mourning
Thomas Moorman and Elizabeth

Group Five
Edward Pate and Mary (Crawford)
John Dent and Sarah (Brown)
Jeremiah Pate and Mary "Polly"
Samuel Crawford and Janet (Mason)
John Meason
John Dent and Katherine

Group Six
Captain John Dent and Mary (Hatch)
Peter Dent and Margaret (Holt)
Captain John Hatch
Thomas Hord and Jane (Miller)
John Hord and Jane
Matthew Keene and Bridget
Thomas Keene and Mary